Unfortunate Events

Jul 16, 2004
In Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, Jim Carrey is freaking awesome. I noticed on one commercial, only once, that there was a scene with him sitting in a chair with a fine looking Bowie Knife. Upon watching the movie, I didn't see that particular scene, but the knife did get some decent play!
What is this Bowie knife? At first I thought it to be the Cold Steel Loredo Bowie, but no. The handle has a pin just under the guard (No doubt a feature the Loredo would be much better with equiped!) I'm just wondering what lengths the producers went to to make this movie so awesome.
So can anyone tell me WHAT IS THAT KNIFE?
Well, this may be some kind of record for reviving a long dead thread as a first post, but I was sitting here watching this movie and saw the Bowie referred to above, and liked it's look enough to spend a half hour of my life I'll never get back trying various combinations of words on Google to find out what knife this was. This long ago bladeforums.com thread was as close as I came.

So, in almost 10 years, did anyone ever figure out what knife this was?
And it's been about 10 year since I've seen the movie.:D Got a screen shot?
And it's been about 10 year since I've seen the movie.:D Got a screen shot?

I'm afraid not. I was watching on SAT TV here in an unnamed Middle Eastern city, don't have it on DVD. It appeared to have a dark wood coffin handle, not that this helps much. All I know is I want one. Seeing as how our working tools are firearms, knives tend to be along the lines of a tanto 4" half serrated folder or a multi tool. I need a large blade....... :)