unique frog system

Mar 9, 1999
Check out the beautifully engineered locking system for the frog on this 1890/1900s kothimora.


That looks great, and very practical, too -- you could take the khukuri off when you get in the car or something. I wonder if the HI sarkis could make something like that ... or somebody at HI; I suspect it wasn't a sarki who made that rig. I think that rig would be more secure than just putting a belt clip on the scabbard; it looks like the scabbard really locks into the part that goes on your belt. It reminds me of the way some bayonets lock into a fitting on the rifle.

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Use of Weapons
Sorry for jumping like that - but, Mr. Powell, did you see pics of that khukri we spoke about (in topic "Markings on lost-in-war khukri") ?

Here's a picture showing just how well made this knife is. There are sheets of brass resting between the full tang and the wooden scales and then there is that incredible cho. This knife is only about 15" o/a.


That was one talented knifemaker!----Love that cho! and the scabbard is a nice smooth looking piece as well! Any possibility that HI could reproduce? The locking brass is very nice!
I am really interested in the brass sheeting between the full tang and the wooden scales----I bet that would absorb alot of hand shock that a chiruwa handle can deliver! Also the "bulge" on the back of the sheath I take it is were the karda and chakma sit? Uncle Bill--do you think the kamis at HI could reproduce something like this? I would definately be interested if they could!
The 'bulge' is a wooden version of the pouch containing the karda and chakmak. You will also find this when the scabbard is made out of horn or on all wood scabbards and some 'box' kothimoras this pouch is enclosed in metal.

I don't think that very thin strip of brass would have any physical effect as to shock absorption but then I doubt this type knife was ever used for anything except an aesthetic value.

WOW! That is a beautiful knife!!!!!!!!!!!!
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