uniquely carved grips

Mar 9, 1999
Here are examples of some beautiful carved ivory grips. The knife is probably from the late 1800s and the strange part is how plain and standard the sheath and blade are.

This is not my knife but belongs to a friend in the UK.


Great knives!....I think HI could/should add something like that to the list of future grips.....the talent is there! Just look at the carved sheaths we have been seeing lately!
John is that 3 different khukuris?
And I wonder how the ivory was stained green and why?
Ivory is beautiful but I hate its tendency to crack like it does.
The last Keris I bought appears to have an ivory handle, but it has some very dark brown areas on it.
I was told that the area where the ivory grows from the elephant can be mottled like the handle is. Couldn't prove it by me though. It is cracked as well.

Bro I wonder if a handle similar couldn't be carved from the buffalo horn?
That would be a b*tch though, wouldn't it?



Indin word for lousy hunter.

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Every now and then the will carve a handle from horn at BirGorkha but it is generally just simple scroolwork. When they have to fasion some figure they go to wood and I don't blame them.

I have heard but don't know from personal experience that ivory is easy to carve and bone is the worst.

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That is one kukri and its karda and chakma.
I have only seen one other set like this and the karda grip was dyed red and the chakma green.

I have been told that bone and horn would be incredibly difficult to achieve this same effect, but they sure do OK on the the 'garuda' grips which aren't nearly as detailed.