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unknown brand names, but looking good

Nov 12, 1998
I saw a brand called "Finn knives", beautiful blades. Does anyone know about quality though. Linder knives also? Made in Solingen, Germany. Look good, but never heard of them. Most items out of Solingen are bad ass. But you never know. There is another French blade on knifecenter I have looked at too. Don't remember the brand right now. look very European. spend quite a while there, looking to expand my collection a little more culturally. God I am a snob.
Does anyone know about the "Black Wind swords"? Quality etc.? please assist if possible. Any suggestions are we received.

Finn Folders - Some nice knives (the lockbacks), some still in the learning curve (the "Gnome" liner lock, among others). The steel is 440A (there was a flyer once that said 440C once, but latest word is 440A). 440C would be nicer, but 440A works, and the prices are reasonable, when you consider creative use of natural handle materials. Nobody else's factory makes one-hand lockbacks with arctic birch and reindeer antler grips.

Linder is an old-line maker in Solingen, Germany. They make a lot of traditional, very Teutonic hunters and daggers, of "high carbon stainless," and they are venturing into more modern knives in ATS34. They made the F1 for Fallkniven until this year, when Fallkniven switched to a Japanese outfit that does better fit and finish.


Thanx for the info. I was referring to fixed blade knives though. Not much into folders myself. Finn's prices rage so drastically. Why? Any other new boys that sell "good" stuff cheap because of the lack of awareness? Let me know please.

If you saw "Finn Knives" on an Internet dealers inventory than what you have is a collection of various knives from different manufactures. These blades run from very inexpensive mass production to fairly expensive high quality benchmade types. Not all "Finn" knives are equal - just like comparing a Case to a Randall. I think that overall Scandinavian blades are of good quality for the money and more importantly work very well. Try one you'll like it.

Thanx Ken. It's just when I don't see info. on the type of steel they use, makes me wonder why not. They look beautiful though. I think I'll get a moderately priced one to start. thanx again


I suggest you link up to Jame's sight above. He has some excellent buys in these blades (look at both the Norwegin and Finn brands).