unless you live in the desert


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Oct 24, 2005
Pack fishin tackle. Yuo may not know how to fish, but if there's a chance for Walleye or any other fish, count me in.:thumbup:

Fresh tonight on jigging lure.
A fishing kit can be as basic or as elaborate as you desire. A very servicable basic kit can be the size of, and not much thicker than those erzatz credit cards everyone gets in the mail. Or a stuffed 35mm film cannister. Or you can pack a 1x3x4 Plano plastic box with an assortment of tackle.

Besides being about the easiest way to procure healthful, fresh, high protien food, the very act of fishing is in itself theraputic. It instills a sense of accomplishment into what might otherwise be a very negative experience. It gives one the ability to do something proactive in a difficult situation. And as with some trapping methods, baited lines can be set to do the work while you occupy yourself with other details of survival such as shelter and fire building.

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I'll join in.


Remember that you don't have to be there to fish, limb lines, twitch ups, trot lines, set lines and jugs are like snares and work 24/7 whether you are there or not. I carry a small kit every where I go and have used it more than you would think, including Iraq, Germany, and Egypt.;) Chris
People talk about heading for the mountains, you are probably better off staying in the lowlands where there are more fishable waters and game. Other that methods mentioned by runningboar, you might take a look at your fishing tackle selection for practicality. You would not necessarily choose the lightest or most sporting fishing tackle in a survival situation. You want something durable and effective.

Fishing is definitely theraputic. It is one thing that kids can do. You can keep the fish alive until you need to use the fish. No refrigeration required.
I haven't fished in years but I can't deny all the benefits of it, survival situation or not. A fishing kit? Why not, lotta usefulness out of a small bit of gear. Fishing line is about as durable as it gets for sewing repairs, too.

BTW the ice-fishermen have shacks out on the lake here already, and ya can still see through the ice :eek: Some folks are pretty hardcore about their fishin' spots, I guess...