Unqiue Everest Kat for sale

Oct 16, 2000

This is a custom everest katana, and I'm pretty sure the only of it's kind there is. Gorgeous decorative nickel silver and horn scabbard, Full tang super-strong chiruwa style with a handle of carved horn, reddened with polishing rouge. Engraved mountings of steel and brass.
Made by Kumar, who no longer works at H.I. and is believed to now be far off in Arabia...

Katana is in perfect condition, and polished to satin for a more durable finish

To see pictures, go to the sword section of the H.I. page, this sword is the middle one.

If interested contact me at


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Matt if I wasn't short of funds I would jump on it in a Bubba Second.
You know the one where Bubba says, "Hey Y'all Watch This!!!!"

But hopefully I have learned from Bubba and myself from past rash actions about money not in the hand and if that tweren't enough I still have another khukuri coming that I owe Uncle Bill for

Anxiously awaiting my YCS-2 with the steel mountings and plain handles with the full array of plain YCS tool's.

I sure hope it comes through without a hitch so Uncle Bill can say, "Another forumite wants a YCS-2." And the kamis will know Exactly what he means.


Indin word for lousy hunter.
Here's a pic:

<a href=http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=1630589&a=12465295&p=45814908>See my photo, birgorkha everest katana carved handle decorative scabbard at PhotoPoint</a>

Matt, I am moonlighting to pay off an old credit card bill that is riding my back and holding me down. If this is still around in a few months when I am all paid up I will most likely take it off your hands. I have a feeling it will be gone way before that though.
Is this still available? If it is, I'll take it. (Like what I need most is another sword!) Gotta go to a doctor appointment, but if the sword is still out there, let me know and I will email you for details on shipping, payment, etc.