Unsheathing a neck knife

Nov 25, 1998
I'm sort of interested in a neck knife but I'm not sure how you unsheath it without starting open heart surgery or ventilating the front of the shirt. This assumes I reach up under my shirt to grab the knife. I don't see myself carrying the thing outside my shirt and it would be a real hassle to pull it up by its leash through the shirt neck. How do you get at your neck knife?
Draw depends on the shirt. If it is a button up shirt, I reach though the the front of the shirt, in between the buttons. T-shirts or other, I reach under the shirt and pull straight down. I have yet to draw blood or cut a shirt.



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Yekim's covered the basics. Fundamentally the neck knife serves only two purposes: its a handy place to carry a knife while in a boat or fishing and it's a good backup carry position.
I don't really consider the neck knife as a tactical carry because of its small size although I'm sure some will disagree. With a tee or under a sweatshirt, it's fairly easy to access with a little practice.

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It's pretty much like any IWB or belt sheath/holster carry, Redscarf. If clothing is involved it's just a case of practicing a clearing move. I agree that outside of utility the advantage of a neck knife is in backup and the element of surprise (which can be considerable when that blade whips out from underneath a shirt). I'm a fan.

These guys above have covered it well, just keep trying different combos of clothing for concealed carry; most of the time tho, my neck knives are an around the house in the open mode.
As a full time USCF category 3 racer, I spend an average of 200 miles per week on the bike during racing season. The knives I carry? A Delica/ Endura folder in my rear jersey pocket and my PRIMARY is a Dozier/ Stiff Kiss neck knife. Much faster than any folder in my position. Different situations, different carry methods.


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I only use my neck knife when I go jogging. It is outside my tank top and in warm weather - it is a fashion accessory in plain view. In colder weather, it sits behind my zippered jogging top. If you run, you know the zipper goes up and down depending on how warm you get. This means the neck knife is either fully covered up or almost fully exposed.

It is always really easy to get to and pull - if needed.
My Stiff KISS should arrive any day (with the Cold Steel Vaquero Grande) now. I ordered it because I wanted something for neck-carry. But I've been wondering, if the sheath makes it show through clothing? I usually wear long sleeved t-shirts and I thought if the thin fabric is enough to keep it out of sight...

Nkano 2 Good to see another serious cyclist that's into knives too ! I don't race road anymore, but I do still compete in mtn bike races. One knife I've used for the road is an Outdoor Edge Wedge on a chain. It sits under my jersey w/o ever being noticed and it's easy to access witha quick zip. On my mtn bike I use a pouch on my Camelback strap witha BM Panther in it. I'm thinking tho, of putting my Spydie Moran in the Edge Works sheath in it's place.
BTW, where do you ride/live ?