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Upcoming black FRN ZDP-189 Caly Jr. questions

Nov 19, 2005
These knives are supposed to be released sometime soon, and I think I might try to pick one up. My main concern, though, is the apparently frequent occurrence of warped blades that seems to have plagued the previous runs of Caly Jr. knives. I've done a bit of searching, and no one really seems to have a concrete theory as to what was responsible for the issue, but is it reasonable to assume that it will have been solved for this production run? Or will these simply be 100% identical to the old ones in terms of materials and production processes, and thus most likely display the same warping problems? Also, I'm aware that this is a run done for a particular distributor, but is NGK one of the dealers that will have access to these knives? Thanks for any and all help. :)
I would love one of these, and to have Tom Krein regrind it to an extremely thin and high hollow grind (edge less than .005", and around 4 degrees per side) for some serious sharpness and edge retention testing. I'm not sure about the warping, but like you I hope New Graham gets some of these, as they are great to deal with.
NGK has them on order, I asked on their running thread in the exchange section