Update on Progress

Apr 19, 1999
An update on progress and items left for sale.

I'm out of our building - a good way thru the mountain of paperwork.

All equipment, machines and tools pretty much are gone, sold, given away or scrapped

Left is the leather and leather working tools, glue, thread etc. Would like to sell the whole thing as a package. It's nearly a full 8/9 oz veg tanned shoulder. A couple of the hand tooling pieces are mixed into a box that I'm going to have to search for.

There is MOP, Sambar Stag, waterbuffalo horn, cocobolo,presentation grade Ironwood from Arizona, a couple pieces of buckeye burl stabilized, thuya burl slabs, damasteel, and damascus left. And knife blanks heat treated.

I am slowly making my way towards the boxes.

It's coming up to three months and there is still tons of work to be done.

Thankyou ALL for your e-mails. Carol Tichbourne


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Jan 9, 2006
I am sorry about his passing, I just read about it in a magazine....I will keep you in our prayers.