upgraded Columbia River KFF?


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Dec 25, 1998
Am I alone in wanting Columbia River to produse an upgraded version of the KFF? Similar to what they offer with the M-16 series. Carbon Fiber scales and at least AUS-8 steel?

Dennis Bible

You're not alone, Dennis! I'd love to see AUS 8 or ATS 34! So far, I really have liked the G10 scales on some of my knives, so I'm a little partial there, but what the heck, add the carbon fiber as well!
A little thicker liner lock would make me feel better, but I notice that I quite naturally engage the LAWKS right upon opening since I usually go straight into sabre grip. They also look really cool when polished!

I just took the plunge on another Crawford Kasper and picked up a titanium framed model with some DT spirograph dam. This is quite a slim knife in comparison to the stag handled model I found under the Christmas tree. I really like the slimness and a CRKT done with the aluminum frame only would be really neat. Even neater, although a greater cost, would be a titanium framed model with ATS-34 or the AUS8. The way CRKT builds them you would be hard pressed to tell the difference! But I have to say that even in a plain aluminum frame it would be a great seller because of the ease of carry. Well my $.02 worth on the matter.

Art Sigmon
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Not that I claim to be an expert, but I think the beauty of CRKT is that you get a lot of knife for the $$$, at least that is my experience in selling them at the shows. I think if they did a Carbon Fiber Version and maybe better steel for the blade it would greatly increase the cost of the knife to the ELU, which makes me wonder if it would not be such an attractive purchhase ....however......heck yeah..a Carbon Fiber KFF with ATS34....shazam....very nice.

I do know tho, that the Carbon Fiber M16 model does not sell nearly as well at the shows as the Zytel M16 version, mainly because of the price point.

I do agree with you Dennis it would be a great idea tho.

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Mike Payne
A radically upgraded KFF is widely available! Your choice G10 or CF grips, improved lock, blades steels include ATS34, 154CM and D2 Modified/Enhanced (per Rob Simonich, both are proper terms).

The only slight catch is that CRKT don't make it, REKAT does. The Carnivore is the same core design by the same designer.

No joke...REKAT has been turning out some REALLY good stuff of late. The design is of the same origins as the KFF. And the Rolling Lock as probably stronger than the CRKT lock even *with* the LAWKS engaged.

What more do you want? Price is just a bit over $100 but that's a hell of a lot less than a handmade actual Pat Crawford...

I think an Aluminium handled version of the KFF, with a steel upgrade (AUS 8, AUS 10, ATS34) would be a great idea, if there is no loss in size like I saw with Carbon Fiber handled M-16...
Here is the e-mail response I got from Columbia River:


We would like to thank you for the comments & suggestions. We love hearing
new ideas
from our customers.
It's ideas such as these that help us improve on & release new models.
At this time we have no plans that I am aware of for making these changes.
I have forwarded them to our Partners for review.

Watch our web site for new & upcoming models. www.crkt.com

Thank You,

Columbia River Knife & Tool

Dennis Bible

I'd have to agree on the Carnivore as a KFF alternative. After carrying and training with my CRK&T KFF for a few months I found a few minor faults (in my case) that convinced me to switch BACK to the carnivore I carried before. The two knives have a similar profile and attitude, although the Carnivore is the slightly smaller of the two. Mainly, I switched because (1) the zytel handle on the KFF is too smooth/slippery and (2) the KFF's handle felt just a little too large for my puny hands. The Carnivore corrects this with G10 and a slightly smaller handle. Basically, I felt a more secure grip with the Carnivore. The locks didn't really matter, although the REKAT's rolling lock has the better reputation. What I miss about the KFF is the tip-down carry, slightly larger blade, and better price.
A while back, I'd heard that CRKT was going to be coming out with an improved KFF: recessing the liner lock (as it is in the original Crawford design), and lowering the profile of the LAWKS.

I keep checking, but I've never seen these features. Does anyone know what happened to this plan? Or if it was implemented, where can I find one?

Thanks a lot,

I' ve made similar requests to various sources, in vain. I think by this time it is going to the bottom of the stack of papers. Although I recall that CRKT were proceeding with the modification soon after they were rolling off the production lines. Dexter Ewing had confirmed this way back when...

It is in my opinion since this is a moderately priced folder and the fact that it has a LAWKS feature, why recess the liner?This may be CRK&Ts thinking. If the liner was made properly and recessed, then why the need for a LAWKS? Would price and labor vary a great amount? They should have done it right from the beginning.