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Upgrading to a better, safer knife

Dec 15, 2000
To all those who responded to my Ebay, cheap knife post, thanks for telling me like it is. I realized I was on the verge of being flamed, but that's okay, I'm here to learn.

That liner lock info made me concerned. Now that I look at it, that does look a bit flimsy.

Also, I just emailed my co worker that I sold a knife to, and warned her to tell her husband not to use it in a serious way. (He's about 6'7 and don't want him coming after me, ha ha!, he's already missing a finger from a basketball accident)

What I'd like, is a quality knife that looks like the one I have.
Look at this url, and tell what quality knife looks like this one--

Smart move Gary.
That knife you showed, I'm sure someone can show you a closer match, but IMO except for the blade shape there's nothing about it I like. I hate the serrations, the big ugly Flat head screw and the rubber inserts. My guess is you're not going to want to jump froma $2.00 knife to a $100+ knife. So I'd like to suggest you take a look here.


A much better knife at a price that shouldn't break the bank. There are several other CRKT knives for you to look at. I own the CRKT/KFF in the large and small, a great knife for the money.

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Try a Benchmade or a CRKT.Should find what you want and pretty reasonable also.


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Hey Gary, Welcome to BFC. That Jaguar blade looks sorta similar to some from Boker and Magnum. I would also take a good look at Spyderco as they have quite a few in stainless which scratches quite easily but feels really sturdy in the hand. IMHO it is hard to beat Spyderco for all around price and overall quality. Best of luck and happy shopping!


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The CRKT Point Guard or CRKT Kasper are both very good knives. If you do want to make that great jump to a more expensive knife try a Microtech LCC you won't be disappointed.
those knives suck.get yourself a CRKT KFF or a MIRAGE. both are great knives for the money,and they're not as likely to fold on your fingers.go with quality knives. cheack out www.1sks.com they have a good selection of knives,good prices,and some of the profits support this site.
How about the CRKT Sampson's K.I.S.S.?

Very interesting looking. Does it have a certain purpose for that style of design?
Kind of like the looks of these bad boys:

*titanium bolsters

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I, personally, like the the CRKT K.I.S.S. knives and own a Sampson spearpoint. They have an advantage in that they are very easy to carry as they are wafer thin.

However, be forewarned that they are limited to light, and medium use as its inherent design compromises the security of the lock-up.

I notice people suggesting knives like Microtech. They're great knives but it sounds like you don't want to be spending $150+ on a "work knife". Can't blame you.

For a good entry-level knife, you're probably looking at about $40 or less, with a 440A, or AUS-6 blade. More important is the build quality.

It's best to go to your local full-service cutlery shop and handle all the knives to see how comfortable they are in your hands. Consider the many good brands within your price range: CRKT, SOG, Kershaw, Gerber, Cold Steel. If you look around, you may be able to find good deals on Spyderco, and Benchmade in ATS-34.

Thanks Full Tang Clan for mentioning the Gerber knives. Just took a quick peek.

I like the looks of the The Gerber AR 3.00 Combo Edge. I will consider that one.

I like The Microtech LCC, but that's a bit more than I'm willing to spend on a knife.

If looks are your main concern, look into the Puma Protec models. They are German (Solignen sp?) and are generally considered pretty good knives.

However, if you aren't stuck on that look, I would steer my way over to CRKT knives. Check them out at www.crkt.com.
Don't pay attention to their prices listed at that site because these knives can be found for alot less at other dealer sites on the net.

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Well, I just like that "Swat" style. Like Smith and Wesson Swat knives.

I'm also leaning toward the Gerber AR 3.0, combo blade.

What do you think?

Have you gone over to the "Knives For Sale" area here to look around? You can find some really good buys that way.

You also might want to take a good, close look at the Cold Steel Voyagers. The AUS-8A steel used in 'em is pretty good, and every Voyager that I own are very strong, lightweight, comfortable "in hand", and razor-sharp.

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Sorry for the off-topic post but did no one else see the "Missing a finger from a BASKETBALL accident" statment?

This I gotta hear.
Just my opinion, stay away from the Smith & Wesson knives. Do a search and for the price range you will find CRKT offers great value for the price. Good luck in your search!
Check out Spyderco- lots of models- one is sure to fit you budget & catch your eye-
BTW- If your big friend plays basketball w/ such abandon that he's lost a finger, ask him if he'd like to try rugby. We need a few more huge psychopaths.
Good luck-

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