UPS Tracking Numbers

Nov 18, 1998
I have been watching with interest a discussion on rec.knives about service from knife dealers on the net. One of the topics is UPS tracking numbers, which got started by AG Russell saying he will not release tracking numbers for the safety of his customers.
A company I deal with always asks for my E-mail address. As soon as the order is shipped they E-mail the tracking number. Maybe I'm missing something, but E-mailing to the address that I give them when I place the order seems safe to me. Also, that way I know when it is in town and arrange to be home, or have someone home. Works for my protection, and I will deal with and recommend the company as often as I can. Seems like a smart way to give good service. Just wondered how some of the rest of you feel, and if you know of companies who do or don't release the numbers.

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I think it's great for a company to give you the UPS tracking # for the reasons you mentioned. I wish every mail-order co. would have this as a customer service option.
At present, I don't know of any companies who offer this service.
Personally I can't see why the saftey of a customers knife might be in danger by dropping him a Tracking #. I love the darn thing. I can always know how many more days I have ot wait. But then again one can always find out why AG Russell doesn't want to tell by asking him Via E-mail.

I always ask for the tracking number. Keeps me from going insane wondering when my package will arrive.

Tell you what you should do with those companies who won't give the number. Call them up every day and ask for a status update. Tell them you want *them* to track the package. Call them a couple time a day. When the get frustrated, explain you wouldn't have to call if they would give you the number. I had a friend tell a company he was going to do this very thing recently. He had the number in about two minutes. On another note, UPS offers this feature as a customer service tool. I'm sure they would be interested to know that some companies refuse to allow this tool to be used the way it was intended.

My .02,
Coincidentally, I just sent an email to one of my fellow knife aficionados explaining how I thought online package tracking is one of the greatest Internet applications.

I said this because just today I ordered a large Sebenza, and knowing it's already on a truck heading my way makes all the difference. I'm so addicted to tracking numbers that I usually have things shipped by the cheapest method that has package tracking (currently anything but USPS, though Priority Mail will soon be trackable). In other words, I'm more willing to pay for tracking than to pay for faster delivery.

Northwest Cutlery was quite willing to email the UPS tracking number for my order. The only security issue I can imagine is that if someone else knows your tracking number, they could conceivably intercept your package, especially if you have it delivered to your home and your UPS driver leaves packages on your doorstep when you're not there. In such a case, it would be nice if the knife dealer would tell you the tracking number over the phone and not email it to you.

But I would think twice about ordering from someone who won't tell me the tracking number. It just makes the waiting too painful.