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Nov 1, 2000
I need advice from MT LCC owners. I just purchased a Micarta D/A LCC from 1sks. I love the knife but there is a small problem with it. The blade does not line up in the middle between the liners. The blade comes close but does not rub the liner on the same side as the bolster release. I tried tightening and/or loosening pivot screw to no avail. This being my first MT I thought that everything would be perfect on this knife. With all the excellent reviews that the LCC has been getting I didn't think that there would be any problems as such. Am I being to picky? Is this a normal thing for the LCC's? Should I just forget it or send the knife back? Thanks for the input.
If it is "just off center." All my liner locks are. If it is "about to hit the side." That is not right and should be fixed. I have been having similar bad luck lately, although my latest Microtech, a miniSOCOM, is just fine. Was going to start a thread on what is acceptable and unacceptable in a new knife.

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I'm wondering too guys, I have already made up my mind to purchase a LCC after the holidays, but now I feel a need to hold off for a while!
I would send her back...The blade should be perfectly centered...You should expect the blade to be a little off, on a cheapie, but not on a Microtech...All my MT's are centered perfectly !!