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Ursa's Custom Hand Made Musso Bowie Knife Review

Discussion in 'Knife Reviews & Testing' started by 9MM Shooter, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. 9MM Shooter

    9MM Shooter

    Dec 29, 2012
    Hello everyone, I wanted to post my review of Ursa's Musso Bowie made by Gulzar Ahmed in Pakistan.

    Gulzar's Musso Bowie is the first affordable and high quality copy of Joe Musso's knife that I am aware of.

    I first discovered his knives while keyword searching on Ebay and was stunned by what came up, and couldn't believe the pictures and especially the prices he was selling them at. His feedback was flawless and the feedback that was being left for these knives were complete satisfaction.

    So I decided to do some Google searching and found him on Facebook as well as posts by cc nolan at the johnwayne-thealamo forums declaring that his Musso copy by him was very nice and well done. If you know who this person is, and know that his original copy of the Musso Bowie cost well over $1,000 and was made using the original Musso Bowie that was in the knife maker's shop, that's mighty high praise indeed.

    So I contacted Gulzar and he sold me an antique version of his Musso Bowie (Aged blade and brass fittings) and gave me a very nice first time buyer's discount. ;)

    The blade is 5160 high carbon steel with brass guard and strip along the spine of the blade. Unlike the original, this is attached via 4 evenly spaced out small brass pins that were pinged and sanded smooth.

    The blade is full tang and is very strong as can be seen here :


    As you can see, this is not some 90 degree corner stick tang, but rounded for strength. You can also see that like the original, the tang is threaded on the end and uses a brass nut, in this case, a flat head screw driver type.

    You will also note that the front and rear of the brass strip and blade spine have already been drilled out for the brass retaining pins. The middle pin holes are apparently drilled out later in the assembly process.

    Here you can see the blade being heat treated :


    And what you're obviously wanting to see, the finished knife, these pics ARE of my blade, but he's using the pics he took of my knife for his Ebay ad which I think is really cool to see, so I will use the Ebay ad pictures and of course my own after receiving it, first the Ebay ad pictures :


    No, the Blade is NOT differently tempered, but the pattern near the edge is also on the other side and I think it looks REALLY cool.



    The Black micarta handle and brass nut.

    And my own picture after receiving it :


    I chopped down a small tree that was about 5 inches in diameter with the knife, no edge rolling or chipping occurred and the blade is still very sharp where it impacted the tree. Not sure what kind of tree it was, but the blade bit deep into the wood.

    No further tests were done outside of cutting paper before and after the chopping test. (It cut the paper just as well as before)

    I have NO doubt that the blade is properly tempered, so I have no plans for further tests, this is a side arm for me, I have other choppers that will suit those tasks just fine.

    The handle is very comfortable to me and didn't hurt my hands at all.

    The blade balance is amazing, point of balance is about 2 1/4 inches in front of the brass guard. VERY well balanced and lively in the hand for such a large blade.

    Blade length is just a hair over 13 3/4 inches from tip to leather washer and around 14 inches counting from the tip to the front of the guard.

    Blade width counting the brass spine at it's widest point near the guard is 2 1/2 inches.

    The clip point edge is NOT sharpened, if I had known, I would have asked him to sharpen it, but to me that's no big deal as I can always sharpen it myself. I might do that at some point, but I'm lazy so no telling when that will be, LOL.

    Handle length is 5 1/2 inches and is very comfortable as previously mentioned.

    The leather sheath is nice, but I would one day like to have a leather covered wooden scabbard with brass fittings made for it like the Legacy Arms Musso Bowie. My sheath came apparently treated with some kind of leather lotion applied which I thought was a nice touch.

    In closing, I'll say tha the craftsmanship is amazing, this is a very nicely finished piece that is as solid as it feels in the hand. For the money, you just can't go wrong if you're in the market for an affordable and well built Musso Bowie copy.

    I would post a facebook link to his page, but I'm not sure if that's allowed here or not, if it's allowed, I will update this post.

    I told him I was going to do this review, because frankly, he deserves more business and hopefully you will give him a chance as I did. You won't be sorry you did, I'm certainly not.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
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  2. Alberta Ed

    Alberta Ed

    Jun 29, 1999
    Great review, thanks! I recall seeing one like it at the Alamo museum in San Antonio.
  3. 9MM Shooter

    9MM Shooter

    Dec 29, 2012
    You're welcome, his knives deserve more attention than they've been getting, and you cannot beat his copy of the Musso Bowie for what he's selling them for. I will post his Facebook page for others to contact him if it's allowed here.
  4. Cryptyc

    Cryptyc Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 24, 2013
    Nice Musso Bowie broham! I love my large hand forged musso too (mine was made by Freerk Wieringa). I have not heard of Ursa Customs and will have to check them out for sure.
  5. 9MM Shooter

    9MM Shooter

    Dec 29, 2012
    If you're wanting an accurate Musso Bowie that pretty much matches up to the blue prints that Joe Musso published, then he's your guy, his prices are unbeatable, IMO.

    He can of course do customs as well.
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  6. Gulzar Ahmed

    Gulzar Ahmed

    Aug 13, 2018
    "Gulzar Ahmed" : Thanks for your encouraged, I believe on quality, I will serve better to better of my clients / friends. Honestly is the best policy !
    I am maker as Black Smith and making handmade custom , Blades, knives, Bowie, Dagger, Axes and swords.

    URSA INTERNATIONAL is a my company that develops, produces and sells different kinds of Blades, knives, Bowie, Dagger, Axes and swords. and their accessories.

    Kind to confirm you that I am making knife blade as my client requirement/ specification and prototypes, some material as under:

    Damascus Steel: High Carbon Steel 1085 and 15N20 Steel,
    5160 Spring Steel:
    D2: Die Tool Steel,
    420 / J2 Stainless Steel,
    440C Stainless Steel,
    and more as you required...

    Tempering 100% 56 to 60 Hrc rockwell as per Material strength.
    Sharpener as razor.
    These material are very most use able and have selling best.

    Requested you please confirm me if you have any demand of your one knives in these material or interested in my knives.

    M/s Ursa International is here to help you.
    *Great experiences on OEM and ODM service (OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacture / ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer)
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    *Competitive pricing
    *Timely deliveries
    *Design and prototype development
    *Customized packaging design& branding and artwork design
    *Manufacture and export experiences
    for more detail please message me by email and Facebook page too.

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