USED Benchmade 43MC Bali-Song

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Mar 26, 2004
I've decided to let go of one of my precious 43MC Bali-Songs (or rather, impending bills made the decision for me). This is one of 50 43MCs from the original run of 250 MC models Benchmade did years ago. The 43MC is prized as the most utilitarian of the MC models because the blade profile is the best slicer out of them all. 440C blade, titanium handles. Original box included, no sheath (having a pocket clip, the MC models didn't come with one).

This is a USED knife. It shows wear like you'd expect from carry and use (tiny scratches in the titanium handles). The blade has been reprofiled on an Edge Pro and touched up many times freehand with ceramic sticks. My freehanding technique tends to convex the edge, especially at the tip of the blade as you can see in the pictures below. Makes for a great slicer. No scratches on the blade.



My initial asking price is SOLD! shipped and insured (USPS Priority). PayPal preferred (no fees). This might be high, but I'm not entirely certain on the market value right now, so I'm starting high and if it doesn't sell I'll make periodic price drops accordingly until it sells.

I'll gladly take offers by PM or email (don't post them here). If the knife doesn't sell until I drop the price to the amount of an offer I've received, I'll sell to the person who made that offer (kind of a silent reverse auction thing, I guess). Don't ask me what my "bottom dollar" is; my bottom dollar is the highest price I can sell it for. I have this knife listed elsewhere too, so "first" here doesn't necessarily mean you're actually first. I'll be going by time stamps on PMs/emails. No trades at this time.

email me at planterz(at)

Thanks for looking.
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