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Users and Beaters for sale :)

Apr 15, 2002
I have a couple of knives that would make good "dirty work" knives for those of you who don't want to muck up a good blade with those grimy jobs.

1. Gerber Freeman Folder. LNIB. never carried, used or sharpened PE $40

2. Gerber Armor- used. sharpened. carried. black blade, tanto point combo edge. $25

3. Gerber Gator- carried and used lightly. Combo edge, I mirror polished the blade. some rust spots but not too bad. $25

4. Gerber Paraframe- larger version. carried and used lightly. combo edge. $25

5. Gerber EZ out- skeletonized blade. LNIB. never carried or used. plain edge. $25

6. Gerber EZ out- skeletonized blade. used. clip is bent slightly. combo edge. $20

7. Smith&Wesson special tactical. First Production Run :rolleyes: - combo edge. used. black chisel ground tanto blade. zytel handle scales. liner lock. ROC-440 steel. $30

8. Kershaw Lg Vapor- used. I mirror polished the blade and attempted filework so there are three notches just in front of the thumb stud on each side of the blade spine. combo edge $30

9. Chesapeake Knife and Tool fixed blade.- a big heavy used knife. one piece of steel. paracord wrapped handle. cordura sheath. I have a pic of this one around. I can email it if someone is interested. $50

Conus only. paypal fees included. shipping usps priority included in price. paypal or usps money order only. I can't do pics as I don't have a camera.
I forgot about these. probably still won't have any luck getting rid of them, but hopefully someone'll find some use for them, so BTT