Using a 204 to sharpen my mini talon

Oct 24, 2000
ok, i have a mini talon that i really really like. i just bought a 204 (way late on getting sharpener) and want some advice on sharpening this little beaut. any advice? stone type? angle? miscellaneous?

thanks much!
Hey Vactor,

I use my 204 to sharpen my talon, also. It seems to me that the corners of the gray stones set at 20 degrees leave a sharper edge than using the white stones. Actually, I think the only thing the 204 is good for is realigning the edge. I'm planning on getting an edge pro soon. :cool:
I have a Mini Talon on order.

I used the 204 to sharpen my Talon before I gave it to my father. I used the Grey Rods on it and got good results. You may want to be careful on using the 30 degree setting if you are going to be doing heavy cutting.

I intend to fully sharpen at 30 degrees and then use the flats of the Grey Rods at 40 degrees to strengthen the edge a little.
I am currently using my 204 to sharpen the Mini Talon I received last week to my tastes.

The Mini Talon's bevels matched up nicely with the 30 degree I intend to finish putting a consistant edge on and follow up with 5 strokes per side on the flats of the Grey Stones at 40 degrees.

I will let you know how it turns out.


I don't feel like the knife is mine until I put my edge on it. The knife came capable of shaving.
Just finished up after a few interruptions.

The knife is very sharp. :cool:

I will let you know how it holds up.