Using the good old gift card for a knife, Buck Diamondback

Feb 2, 2005
I got a few dvds and PS2 games and a hoodie that I took back to Walmart, and scoured the knife counter for something to get. The Walmart that I went to didn't have the new display, so I just bought a couple dvds. Later in the week, I picked up a Buck Nighthawk and Diamondback. I went out to the parking lot, looked at the Nighthawk, and immediately returned it, but the Diamondback just got christened as my new truck knife. I used it a little bit, the pool cover came off in a storm yesterday, and I used it to cut some rope. I thought the 420HC blade wouldn't even cut the rope, but with one swipe it went through like it was hot butter.

I really like the blade shape, and the edge, while not hair shaving sharp, is still sharp. The handle is fine, for $20 I can't really complain, but the grooves on the handle itself, I don't really like. Also, I like the sheath that covers part of the handle, but I can understand that a production sheath on a $20 knife isn't going to be the end all. I like it though.
Feb 8, 2005
I have both of the Diamondbacks and up here, they are a bit more money, but I've also found them to be a pretty good knife for the money. Both of mine came razor sharp NIB. I ended up making my own sheaths (I'm a lefty with knives:) ). I can attest to how sharp they can be. I was helping cut down some tall flowers for my wife in our flower garden a couple of months ago, and as I was gathering up the flowers, the 4.25 tagged the top of my thumb between the first joint and hand. It wasn't a very hard tag, either. It didn't look tooooo bad until it started to bleed. A trip to the clinic, then hospital and surgery showed I took out 90% of one tendon, 70 of another and an artery. So......10 stitches later and 5 weeks of physio later...:) It was a tough way to get out of the gardening:D All things considered, it actually held an edge pretty well considering that I had been doing a lot of cutting and bit of digging with it. It should have been a lot duller......

- gord