UZI/Valmet Bayonets

I've been looking for an UZI Bayonet for the last 20 years, and haven't even come close to finding one.

I'm also looking for a bayonet for a Valmet 76 (.223, if that matters)

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
uzi bayonets were easy to find here in israel until a few years ago.
however they are ran out even in the factory who made them[imi-israeli military industry].
i think i can get a hold on one but with a wood handle instead of the original metal.
was given as presentation gift.
but ceap it will not be.
if you are interested i will make some inquiries and let you know.
Hi Fireprez!
If I understand correctly you look for bayonet that is used in Finnish assault rifles (made by Valmet and SAKO). There are hunting rifles that are similar in appearance(at least made by Valmet). There are two basic models both in calibre 7.62mm: RK-62 (first design 1962, but some modifications later) and RK-95 (I think it is -95 (after I did my compulsory military service)). All RK-62 models use the same bayonet and at least Hackman makes them.

I bought one YESTERDAY!

I can't remember the name of that shop but I can check it if you are interested. I think that one of the staff is English or American so there should not be any language problems. The price was 300 FIM = 54$. It is of carbon steel that has been covered with some black nonreflecting powder. The edge is 15 cm long and has no guard. The edge was dull before sharpening
. It came without sheat and spring that keeps locking dowel(it was included) locked.

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Tommi, there are also other models of Valmet assault rifle than M62 and Sako M95. I live in Finland like you and I have seen models M76, M78, M83 and M92S that were made for commercial sales by Valmet (now merged to Sako) and Sako. I have personally owned a .308 M76 and a 7.62x39 M92S, and handled also .223 and .222 models. .222 were sold at least to France because there civilians are not allowed to own military caliber guns.

As far as I know the guns that were imported to the USA before the 1988 assault rifle ban were made with a bayonet attachment for the Valmet M62 assault rifle bayonet so it should fit M76 as well. The latest models M92S (semi-auto) and M95 (select fire) have NATO type bayonet attachments to take any NATO standard bayonet (like the US M7 or M9) but as far as I know importing them to the USA is prohibited except for military and LE use.

I am sorry I don't know where a bayonet for M62 can be purchased. I hope Tommi can tell that. The Finnish Ranger Knife (Sissipuukko) now sold in the USA is a furher development of the Finnish M62 assault rifle bayonet and without installing rails for bayonet use.

Tommi, mistä saa ostaa rynkyn pistintä? Olen nähnyt vain sissipuukkoa myynnissä.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer etc.

I don't think there's any US law against importing bayonets. There's a law restricting rifles with bayonet lugs (believe it or not) but ownership of bayonets is not restricted; I'm sure of that much, and I've never heard of any law against importation (not of bayonets, only of rifles with lugs for them). By the way, if that makes no sense to you, you should see the rest of US gun law....

-Cougar Allen :{)

P.S. If you ever need an expert on US gun law, the specialists in the field hang out on rec.guns.

-Cougar :{)
Ossi : I agree with you that there are many models (almost every year a minor modification) of that assault rifle. BUT changes are minor IMHO. Sissipuukko is not a developed version of Bayonet M62 (IMO), but it is very near to bayonet M95 made for assault rifle M95 (a friend told me when he saw it).

Sissipuukko M95 has a real handle bayonet M62 has not. M95 is flat ground M62 saber ground. M95 is droppoint and M62 clippoint. M95 is 5.5 mm thick M62 3.8mm, M95 weights 233.5 g, M62 164.7 g (both measured by me) Diffrent manufacturer .....
Both are mede in Finland, are of carbon steel, are black.

If you send me your email address I can send you some pictures.

You have mail soon.

Place where you can get one of these:
Finn Enterprise Ltd Oy
Pohjoisranta 22 C
00170 Helsinki

phone: +358-9-135 1358
Fax: +358-9-135 1671

They had over 20 of these bayonets. If you are ordering these to other countries ask about possibility to get tax free prices. I don't know if that works but may save you some money. Added value tax here in Finland is 22%
. Price 300 FIM includes taxes.

Ossi, jos et asu Helsingissä: kauppa löytyy Kruunuhaasta Merihakaa vastapäätä rannalta. Kauppa on varmaankin Suomen suurin, jollei ainoa, veitsikauppa.

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