Value of a Cuda Gibbs?

Dec 12, 2004
I have a Cuda Gibbs gathering some dust here at the house. Its never been carried or used, just converted to tip up carry.

I'm posting this here instead of the exchange boards because I am interested in selling, but don't know how much they go for these days. I don't see them pass by the sale forum much so I'm clueless.

Any ideas folks?

Only about 200 of the 7" CUDA MAXX were ever made.
I suspect few will ever trade, so who knows??

I suppose it depends on how badly someone wants one, but not many people even know they exist!

If I were you, I wouldn't take less than $300.
But then again my opinion of the knife may be biased as Darrel did name it after me.
Thanks for the reply! I didn't know they were so rare.

I feel pretty thankful for the deal I got for it then.
I have one mint in the box...I paid 250.00 for it new and will NOT sell its just to cool and if I wanted to replace it well.........................:D