Value of Buck 500 in Stag Handle

Jun 9, 2001
Excuse me but I would appreciate some indication as to the approx. value of a 1988 (inverted V marked on tang) Buck Duke 500 with stag scales? In mint condition of course.
Thank's in advance.

Krizzard, out

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110 Dave

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May 6, 2004
i've been watching ebay real colse for a year now and as of 11-9-04 i would put at between 60 to 80 $ depending... box and stuff like that... some bring more due to exposure or seller with high good feed back or shining... i have 150 + 100% feed back and i would expect to get about 75$ if i sold one no box or anything... course i would keep it myself but if i did sell one for someone else!