Value of Ek Commando?

Feb 16, 1999
Gentlemen, I don't know much about Eks but I have a chance to buy one that is the wasp-waisted blade double edged commando knife with green paracord wrap and green web sheath. It is an Effingham marked one, which I assume means it's a Blackjack. Pretty basic stuff. Any ideas on what it would be worth?
If you're into that sort of thing, maybe $100-$130 NIB. If you go for it make it conditional upon inspection. Blackjack was all over the place on QC.
Good Hunting,Dan
Sportsmans Guide or Cheaper than dirt has them for $39.95 or so. Don't know which contract they were under, but they are EK's.

I bought one and disklike it greatly. The most use I've gotten out of it is taking the copious amounts of Para-cord off of it's sheath to use for other projects.