Vaquero Large/Grande-- request for long time owners comments

Apr 7, 1999
I just ordered one from DK for 40 dollars, and I know I am sort of late to jump on this "close-out" deal since it has been closing out for a year now. But I want to know how well your Vaqueros have stood up to use over time. Specifically has the blade developed play? Any other problems that you have noticed will help.
I have had several Large Vaquero's and have used them HARD. I don't particulary like Cold Steel products but, I would not hesitate to recommend one of these knives.

They have been used from everything from weed cutting to hacking small branches. Just watch the tip as they don't make good pry bars. It also makes a wicked slashing knife.

Only problem that I have with it is the unsharpenable serrations. If I ever dull one out, I wil turn it into a plain edge knife.

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I have three of them for Kalifornia defense and cutting weed trimmer line, etc. Paid $35 each, cheap! As much as I don't care for Cold Steels advertising and customer service, the Vaquero Grande is a solid piece.

EZ-Lap makes a set of diamond files that can be used to sharpen the serrations.
THe VG is a pretty good knife, especially for 35-40 bucks. I have two now, one that I re-serrated, and another that I had put a plain edge on. They both are pretty sweet. The serrated one has cut pizza boxes in half with one swipe, and a few magazines as well. I have used it in the kitchen, to cut brus& split kindling, and to open christmas presents. It seems to have held up pretty good.


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They seem to stand up pretty well. I have one of the new style ones with the pocket clip.

Haven't had any trouble with sharpening, but then I have a set of machinist hones and the little triangular ceramic is just perfect.

Nice price on the closeout of the old model. Might just have to pick up another one
I've had mine for a while & no worries- You can also pick up the "aftermarket" black clip from CS for about $5.00- adds to your carry options (but a real bad idea to be caught carrying concealed in NYC)

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I've owned a Vaquero Grande for about a year. I've found it to be a good value for the $50 I paid for it. It will perform the cutting/slashing duties of a much larger blade in compact light weight package. Its a great knife to carry in situations where a Tactical folder is to small but it wouldn't be acceptable to carry a large fixed blade. For example I carry mine when playing paintball...its big enough to cut brush for Camo and Clear fields of fire...but in inconspicous so opponents don't spaz out when seeing a 9 inch fixed blade on your LBE. The knife has exhibited no noticable wear and is a breeze to sharpen w/ a Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker.
I`ve had a Large Vaquero that I`ve been trying to sell for $30, if anyone is interested.

I don`t have much use for it, it`s sort of big and scary looking! Can`t really carry it around town.
I`ve been carrying one in my back pocket next to my wallet everyday for over a year. I don`t use it much for utility work since it scares the @&!%# out of the "squares". I do some self defence drills with it regularly and I`ve snapped it open thousands of times. It`s still tight as can be. I`ve had good luck sharpening it with EzLap`s smallest rod sharpener,it has a flat on it that makes two pretty pointed corners for the little serrations. Marcus
I like mine. I don't use it for a utility knife. I don't want to have to sharpen it.
I carry mine in my right back pocket. It's there for self defense, unless I'm explaining it to a LEO, then its the world's greatest bagel cutter (which it trully is!).


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I guess this thread wouldn't be complete without discussing dremel-mods to the lock to speed up opening.

On the tang metal of the large CS folders (Voyager/Vaquero/Gunsite and other lockbacks) is a "divot", what I call the "stopnotch" meant to slow down closing and opening. Dunno why, probably involved (blea) lawyers.

With the blade completely closed, take a Dremel "fiberglas grit cutoff wheel" and get it down in between the plastic grip halves, slowly turning that "harsh half circle" into a broad flattish half-oval. You won't eliminate it completely but you'll enhance the reliability of snapopens considerably, which is important in a defensive folder.

GO SLOW, so you don't screw up the temper of the tang metal or visibly shred the plastic. If you get any feedback that temps are rising in there, stop, let it cool, take your time.

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Has anyone tried to take out the pivot pin and replace it with a pivot screw? Lateral blade play is easily eliminated with a screw driver on all knives made like this, so why are companies still using pins?
I bought one awhile ago and quickly ground the serrations off once they wore down. I gave it to my brother shortly after that. I checked on it a few weeks ago and it had developed side play. Slight but detectable. It has seen impacts though as he has chopped with it.

The first VG I bought from SMKW had very noticeable side to side play. I returned it and they exchanged it for another that was fine. This does lead me to believe that they will develop play, but since I rarely even open mine I'm not worried.


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"One loves to possess arms, though they hope never to have occasion for them." --Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, 1796