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Vaquero Questions

Feb 8, 1999
I just recieved my Vaquero from Discount Knives today, which is the first Cold Steel knife I have ever owned. I like the knife, but have a couple of questions about it:

I am assuming that my knife is one of the old model vaqueros because it doesnt have a pocket clip(I was kind of POed about that, but since I got the knife for $30 I cant complain too much!) My question is could one of the new style clips be installed on my old model? If so, how much trouble would it be?

My second question has to with the blade of my knife. Im not very good at describing things, but here goes:
On the rounded portion of the rear part of my blade , about 1/4" behind the locking notch, there is a small channel or groove that transverses the blade. This groove can be seen when the knife is closed and one looks into the top of the handle. The groove causes one to feel a slight "catch" when the knife is closed slowly as the lock passes across the groove. Is this groove supposed to be there, or is it a manufacturing imperfection?

If you dont know what the heck im talking about from the above description, ask me and maybe I can try to clarify anything that isn't clear.

Thanks for any information y'all may have.

I just ordered a couple Vaquero's from Discount Knives last week - I was wondering about the pocket clip. Darn!

Oh well, for $30 I can't complain (much)

I vaguely recall a previous posting here on bladeforums regarding the groove on the blade that you describe. If you do a search on "vaquero" you can probably find it. As I recall, someone suggested taking a Dremel tool or a file and smoothing out the locking pin a bit to make the knife close more smoothly. Presumably you only smooth the side of the locking pin that is not involved in actually locking the blade open.


Couldn't you just stick a clip on the knife. 3 little holes, 3 screws, a clip, and some epoxy should do the trick.
Spoon! (I watched the Tick too much),

A) It is possible to attach a clip. I have done it using a clip off of my ill fated Apache. I did not like the idea of just putting screws into the plastic so I removed the brass fittings that were embedded into the sheath of my Stiff KISS and stuck them in the handle of my VG.

B) The notch you are describing is the halfway notch. On some knives it is intended to keep the knife from snapping shut on your fingers, I have no idea what the purpose of Cold Steel's notch is, other than to be annoying.With some minor Dremel work it can be smoothed out. I think I have a picture of the Jim March CS lockwerk smoothee around here if you want me to e-mail it to you.


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I think the groove in the tang is supposed to be a safety feature.

Try this experiment VERY CAREFULLY:

Take a Spyderco Endura in hand, and press down on the lock release with your thumb. Make sure your index finger is not too far back on the handle--keep it well forward, near the pivot. Now while pressing the lock release, give a bit of a shake to fold the blade downward. You see how the choil engages your index finger, preventing what could be a rather nasty cut?

If you try this with the Vaquero Grande, there is a better than 50-50% chance your hand will be back too far on the handle for the choil to make contact with your finger. Instead, you'll get those nasty serrations and maybe some stitches as well. That hitch that keeps Jim March and Yekim from closing their V.G. smoothly keeps me from cutting my index finger. I've chosen not to mess with mine.

Note: The above is intended for theoretical discussion purposes only. I do not recommend the above-mentioned method of closing a lock-back folder.

David "Stop When You Get To Bone" Rock

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David - "The above is intended for theoretical discussion purposes only. I do not recommend the above-mentioned method of closing a lock-back folder."
From a non-theoretical point of view I can assure you that the described technique works very well to close the knife. I can furthur assure that the Vequero Grande is sharp enough and has enough mass to make a EVERLASTING impression on your index finger.
I didn't have any stitches, but I probably should have. There is a very discernable scar and 'lump' that will be with me forever. Let's just call this a learning experience.

Dont feel bad Marvin, Ive only had my Vaquero for a day and have already cut my self by absent mindedly letting the blade fall on my finger! The notch that was supposed to be a safety feature definitely didn't work for me. Guess that's what I get for playing with sharp objects


Please e mail me the pic you were talking about. Thanks.