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vegas knife show buys: mayo, onion,chew (pics)


Oct 21, 1998

these beauties managed to land in my suitcase. one of the few times i didn't leave vegas empty handed!

top to bottom:

mayo tnt (titanium and talonite) medium recurve. slim and smooth with fully rounded edges (not tom, the knife!)

chew micro spitfire dual action. so fast, you can hardly see the blade open. heck, it's so small you can hardly see the blade when it's open! i got to see the proto's (already sold of course) of the new d/a spitfire with safety...wow

onion mid tech boa. cnc made, carbon fiber inlay, speed safe opening. very handsome. ken was sold out when the doors opened. i had to pry this one out of a dealers pocket. i think ken and steven segall went partying for the rest of the weekend.

onion boa with ti bolsters and maroon micarta. super sweet and smooth. i had to hit a royal flush to get this one. worth the effort, i really like the boa blade shape.

had a fun weekend.....duane
WOW! You're a lucky guy to have gone home with TWO Onions, a Mayo, and a Chew. I really like my TNT, and when I was at Ken's house I got to see the mid-tech boas being built...very cool knives.

Did you get to play with Larry Chew's Covert DA? See pics, and have heard great things about it.


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Boy did you get yourself a great bunch of knives. I especially like the Mayo knife, but they are all beautiful.

Beautiful knives! Never enough time or money to gather all of the ones that catch my eye. I guess that's half the fun... figuring out which one(s) to get next!

I've been eyeing one of Tom Mayo's TNT's for some time. Looks like I'll have to take the plunge soon before this $$$ burns a hole through my pocket.