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Mar 6, 1999
I just got back from LV and loved it! I was packing my trusty, airline friendly, Spyderco Delica, but once I got there wished I had something more.....impressive. Does anyone know what the LV police will tolerate? I ended up in less than desireable neighborhood and would have traded my Delica for my BM 975 in a heart beat. Your insite will be appreciated.

Did you happen to make it to Blanchards?? Or Phil's Fine Cutlery?? Just wondering.
No Blades, just did the touresta routine (had the spousal unit with me). Still had a great time though. I did see some of Gil Hibbin's stuff at the "Star Trek Experience".
Speaking of which, the display credited Hibbin with making the Klingon Batlif (sp), does anyone know if these are available commercialy? Gotta have one.

I just got back from LV last weekend, too. I did visit Blanchards twice while I was there. It's a nice store that's for sure with plenty of knives for the browsing including custom and fantasy. But that's all I did was browse....after buying knives on the internet I couldn't pay those premium prices. I met Mrs Blanchard and she is a very nice person. I enjoyed talking to her. I also bought some back issues of Blade and some sharpening stones but no knife since I knew I had my new Sebenza waiting for me at home.

I couldn't find Phil's listed in the phone book so I couldn't visit his store. I have seen his web site, though.

I also met fellow Blade Forums member Marv Edgeworth in Vegas. He was kind enough to take me out for some Thai food and we spent the evening talking knives. Marv is all class, I appreciated his hospitality.

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