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Very Fine Fully Engraved "Little Tusas"

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Jul 15, 2003
"Little Tusas" Collector's Knife​


This little trailing point knife is a beautiful work of art, named for the cool, high mountains near Chama, New Mexico. The blade has a slight upward trailing point for fine and accurate work, the steel is extra-tough ATS-34 stainless steel. The blade features full filework, back-to-back arrows. from spine to choil. The Biotite gemstone is in the granite family, and is tough and dependable, with dark green and lighter green veins running through a field of white and faint yellow. A crystalline form can be seen in bright light. The front and rear bolsters are fully engraved low carbon steel, engraved by Jay, with deep relief scrollwork and leaves, and embrace the handle with dovetailed precision. The knife rests in an "open" sheath, a style created by Jay to display the gorgeous components of the knife, but still protect the wearer from the point and razor-keen edge. The sheath has three full inlays of green rayskin, front and back, in hand-tooled 9-10 oz. leather shoulder stitched with polyester sinew. The sheath has a bright, polished, lacquered finish.
Price: $625.00
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Hey, Jay.

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I liked this knife in particular:

Thanks for the heads up, Gabe. Corrections underway.
You know, I've heard that some browsers don't display the site, maybe because it's created under MS FrontPage, and the server has to have the right "components and extensions"???
I'll talk to my web guys and see what they say.

The Ocate is a nice one, designed by a professional outfitter in Ocate, NM. It's got a "pistol" grip, which allows a more comfortable wrist position in use. All stainless, gemstone handle, and engraved too!

From my "Top 20 Reasons"

11. I use all REAL GEMSTONE in my gem handled knives, not plastic rock, not "stabilized" resin material, no pretend stuff, EVER. Nothing matches God’s creation of rock, and stone does not fade, deteriorate, crack, check, or dry up. It has the same thermal coefficient as steel (which is a refined mineral) and does not shrink, burn, melt, or soak up water, blood, or even dye. The agates and jaspers I use are HARDER than the steel blade itself, and nephrite jade is nearly as tough!

Learn more about this knife and others Jay makes here!​