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Very latest AURIGA sheaths... backlog clearing

Mar 27, 2000
OK, some of you already know that I decided to take a break in taking orders for the sheaths... maybe for a quarter, maybe for a year, who knows? Simply I found out during the holidays that actually I tend to spend much more time in the workshop than with my lovely daughter! That cannot last any longer... but before the break I needed to clear all backlogs. In fact maybe I have some "on top of my orders" but I was too busy with drilling & sanding to check even that :eek: Anyway, you can find the very last batch of 6 sheaths pictured below. And know what? The grey combo looks really cool, doesn't it? :cool:


The wolfy grey is cool. However, everything I have any more seems to be black or matte black. If my wife ever divorces me....
I know we're all bummed out:( to here that Piter is taking a break, but obviously we all understand family priorities (I hope). Now that Piter is on hiatus, who do we go to now for Kydex? Suggestions will be much appreciated. I have a Sable IV that I need a sheath for. Thanks.

mike biz
Mike, our agreement has been made some time ago and is still valid, yeah...
I've emailed you a couple times regarding my sheath and have not received an email back. Can you drop me an email pretty soon?

didn't get any of these emails (strange)... BUT emailing you right now.
That is a very nice looking sheath. Drat, now I'll have to pick up a fixed blade CRK!

I have a sidebar question about so many of the Kydex sheaths I see now. Unlike many holsters, the knife sheaths seem much broader than the actual blade with the rivets set farther from the blade than I'd expect.

Is there a design reason for this or is it merely a style?
that grey kydex really looks good. I like it more than black. grey / foliage green blends very well in multi-environments.
Piter, I'm sorry if this has been asked before. Where do you get the Seb pouch that attaches to your sheath. I have been using a Tad Gear multi position sheath for years now. A very similar design and look. I really like the ones you are using. They look pretty solid.
Are you taking orders?
I'd be looking for two, for shadow 3 & 4.