Very soon, I'll be able to die happy...

Oct 16, 2006
I Just found out that Time Life has released the entire collection of GET SMART episodes on DVD and placed my order. First DVD (Or VHS, for that matter) collection I've ever bought.

I haven't seen one episode since the show dropped from syndication over 20 years ago in my area (I've never had cable), but hardly a month has passed since then that I haven't said "Sorry about that, Cheif" to my wife or boss, or repeated some other goofy line from the show.

I still want a Sunbeam Tiger...
How many discsin the set? How much does it all cost? Get Smart was a lot of fun. I remember agent 99, the sound proof dome, all the gadgets that Max kept in his shoe, or was that just the phone? Who was that guy who hung out in the garbage can, I can't remember?
Before we discuss this any further we'd better lower the Cone of Silence.
This could go good or bad...
A Get Smart movie is on the way. Max will be played by Steve Carrel (really good man for the job), but rumor is the script sucks big time and Mel Brooks has nothing to do with it.
I enjoyed Get Smart also as a kid (and adult). Sometimes I will still say something along the lines of "Missed it by that much!!!!!".:rolleyes: