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Very weird oil for rust blocking...

Jim March

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Oct 7, 1998
Heading away from Kevin's great party in AZ, I realized I didn't have any blade oil for my ATAKoid WSP1 I'd just scored. The evening of the first night homebound I realized I was liable to run into rain at some point, so I was worried.

I only had one oil: chain oil.

This stuff is "sticky" like honey or worse. It's designed not to get flung off under the centrifigal force of a rear chain sprocket. If you've got a tool steel knife that's going "into storage" for a while, this stuff will go where you put it and once into it's semi-dried sticky state, isn't going *anywhere* in a hurry.

It'll wipe off fine with some work, it's obviously totally wrong for a food-prep blade...but methinks it's useful in some situations.

Jim March
That chain lube is some nasty stuff,but hey,
any port in a storm.I ran out of Simi Chrome
a while back and needed some polish.All I had
was a big orange bottle of NuFinish once a year car polish.The stuff worked like magic
.It polishes to a higher luster then SimC
or MetalGlow.Blades polished with this stuff
are so slick finger prints won't even stick to them.Been usein it several months and am
not giving it up.
Another auto product that works very well polishing blades is Mothers Mag and Aluminum polish.
Its slightly abrasive and shouldn't be used on bead blasted finish. However, it does wonders for satin or high polished blades.
The amount of black stuff that comes off a "new" or "clean" blade is amazing, even if you have been using Tuf Cloth before.
And, after using Mothers, Tuf Cloth coats the blade better.
Later, Bill

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Some years ago Gun Tests did a three part article on lubricants and rust protection products. They tested all the exotic types, and found that one lubricant they had included just for fun turned out to lubricate as well as anything else. That product was 20-50 motor oil. Handy and cheap and good. Try it out. Walt Welch

Try using acetone to take off the chain lube.
I have found that it works great on lighter oils and lubes.