Veterans Day!!!

Jul 14, 2004
OOOAAAA! Airborne all the way! Semper Fi!

Keep your powder dry and your bayonets sharp!

Happy Vet's day to all you great guys and gals that served and are serving our great nation, defending our freedom with your blood and guts! God Bless and you active duty folks stay safe out there "implementing national policy"!

To all you third world terrorists out there (and the countries that harbor them): Mess with the US and we will bomb/shell/shoot/cut/stomp you back to the STONE AGE...! Remember, if you kick the tiger in the balls expect to be dealing with the teeth and claws!

Mike Roesch

Grand Son of a WW1 Navy Vet with the Purple Heart.

Son of an Army Air Corps/Air Force 22 yr. Strategic Air Command Vet. (As Slim Pickens said in Dr. Strangelove (Paraphraised): "He was prepared to go toe to toe with the Russkies in all out Nuclear' Kombat!" :mad:

Gossman Knives

Edged Toolmaker
Apr 9, 2004
I'm with you Tarl. My hat goes off to all our exceptional men and women serving their country and preserving our freedom. God bless George W. Bush, our troops and help him keep our great country safe. GOD BLESS AMERICA