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Vg-10 point of view by Fred Perrin

Oct 16, 1998
VG-10 !

A P.O.V. by Fred Perrin (translated by Nemo)

The way we see the knives, now are weird.
As far as we are concern here, the steel of the blade is not making the knife.
It's important, but not as many other factors.

Check all these old adds in the magazine, they never used to talk about steel. It's a new fashion.

We have the chance to test the Spyderco Moran and the Calypso, the Fallkniven A1, F1 and the S1.
All these knives got in common VG-10 blades.
The grind, the lenght of the blade of all these knives are really different and slowly we can now have a better Point of View of the steel.

The VG-10 can be really really well sharpen . The edge is excellent.
We found also it's better resharpen with 240 grit instead of 800 grit.
A quick buffing on leather and you got a Vorpal result.

We can easily with Calypso cut a flying paper sheath.

(As you have notice we don't use NASA test. It's a matter of feeling as a Smith and Knife Maker)

For example the Calypso has been used for cutting demonstration while Elliot (Bluesman) were in our workshop.

On all the knives the edge holding of the VG-10 was more than good for a Stainless.
It's hard to compare it to CPM440V because these two knives got another behevior during cutting action.
But both got that "micro serrated" feeling.

But the VG-10 is much strong to flex and torsion when the CPM440V can be brittle.

The VG-10 has been made for cutlery ! This is really rare !
I think the CPM440V need to be on edge holding blade but the VG-10 is also good for Hard Chore Knives.
(Remember our test of the A1…)

The Moran was the first to introduce us to VG-10. You know how much we enjoy that excellent knife.
Same story for the Fallkniven.
(BTW the black coating on the A1 and F1 are really hard to remove unless you want to ruin your knife.)

The S1 by Fallkniven is little brother from the Moran. It's really the Jack of all trade knife ! This fixed blade is one of the rare fixed blade to be really polyvalent. Its Moran grind is super resistant. This is really a model you should look for if you need a real hardcore knife. (We have made kydex sheath mounted on a excellent shoulder harness from Blade Rigger JPS for the S1 ! It's a streetware)

We really wanted to try the Calypso, because I liked the V-grind and the shape of the blade.
The Calypso got some strong advantage :
1-Its clip is Black !!!
2-It's really flat !
3-It got a real good grip !
4- The blade is really polyvalent.

On the minus side: the Hole is a little small.
Especially after using the Military so many times.

What we would like to see:
The Calypso Junior in VG-10 ! Because the Calypso Junior is really a excellent design.
Why not a Military in VG-10 ?

Nemo thank Fred for the detailed information. I have basically come to similar conclusions after working with the A1 for awhile. I think I would prefer VG-10 over AUS-8A and ATS-34.

It's hard to compare it to CPM440V because these two knives got another behevior during cutting action.

Can you expand on this aspect? VG-10 seems very rough to me when compared to say AUS-8A when a similar level of finish is used on both. How does 440V compare?

How would you rate the edge durability of VG-10 to say ATS-34 and AUS-8A when cutting hard materials - or - throwing at cars