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VG 10

Nov 6, 1998
Bob - you are correct, I was asking if you had attempted to resharpen the factory edge as shipped or had switched to a traditional edge. I will have to sharpend mine in the traditonal manner - set the edge bevel to equal that of my Sharpmaker per Joe's FAQ and go from there. Despite the fact that all my friends, coworkers and family think I'm a knife-sharpening wiz I am only capable of producing a perfect edge with the Sharpmaker...

BTW, got an E-mail from Scott Evans and my custom military Moran sheath ships out Monday. Looking forward to trying this knife on my duty belt.



Sal Glesser

Dec 27, 1998
Adam - "Zytel" is Dupont's trademarked name for Fiberglas Reinforced Nylon Resin. It is also the name that they put on the bags of nylon to be used for injection molding, because it has been specifically formulated to accept the glass fill. The percentage of Fiberglass Reinforcement is generally somewheere between 15% to as high as 30%. So if a percentage is referenced, "we're using 27% Glass fill", that will let you know the percentage that they chose for that particular model. The less fill, the more flexibility is retained, the more glass, the more rigid (and brittleness) the material becomes. It is sometimes an art just to determine the best mix.

Regarding the usage of Zytel; There are many companies refering to their handles as being made of "Zytel" when in fact they are not using Dupont's product. 1) They may not know. "Zytel" has become a term to reference this particular type of material much like "Coke" has become synonomous with soft drink. 2) Dupont's product may not be the best for a particular application. Spyderco is using, at any given time, at least 3 different types of FRNR from different manufacturers, which is why we reference the material as FRNR rather than "Zytel". Not only is it illegal, to call it "Zytel", when it is in fact not, it is disrespectful.

Hope this adds to the data bank.
Oct 19, 1998
Ignore - looking for alloy content of this steel and found it on the Spyderco web site.

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