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Nov 4, 1998
I love My Vaquero Grande. It is a nifty knife, but until recently, I had no idea what it's true calling was, that is until I helped my friend's move to MO and we found that there wasn't a single kitchen knife packed.

My Friend's mom won't let me have it back now, it is now the official kitchn knife in the house and she has no intention of giving it back. SHe likes the big curve of the blade, and the serrations I put on it make for a good bread cutting pattern.

This bring me o a modest proposal, folding kitchen knives. I guess they would be an extentionof the MegaFolder concept. Sal Glesser had mentioned it once a long time ago whn I was camaigning for a Spydie Megafolder. I believe the oncept has merit, and would be great for road trips (where my friend's mom first discovered my VG) and for general camping. any comments? Has it been done yet?


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Check this bad boy out! The A.G. Russell Hocho a folding cook's knife made with ATS-34 stainless steel.


Looks like the ticket

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I own a folding kitchen's ATS-34 and in the paring knife category. It is called the Benchmade Mini-Spike.
I gotta say that the VG is the greatest bagel slicer ever made!


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So now there is some truth when the LEO stops us and ask why we have such a big knife;
"Honest officer, it's for slicing bagels and my other kitchen work!"


Greg, funny you should say that, I pulled that similar line when stopped by a security officer at Cedar Point Amusement Park while carring my Gunsite Folder. I told her I use it for work and at home, and she replied: "where, in the kitchen"?

I said yes a couple of times!


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Mark, I too was taken with that A.G. Russell
offering. Does anyone have one? It would great at dinner party or cook out when after your offer to help in the kitchen they hand you a grocery store chef's knife with an edge like a butter knife and ask you to mince some onions. Just reach into that codura belt sheath, whip that bad boy out and say "I'll just use my own if you don't mind."


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phantom4, don't have one yet, but am considering it!

That would be an eye popper in the kitchen.

It has a pocket clip attached as well ... just to think how quick you could whip it out and start dicing

Not a bad idea at all!

I have one of those AG Russell folding santukos. Compared to a "real" santuko, the folder doesn't quite stack up. The thin sheet metal handles are not as comfortable, and your knuckles hit the cutting board while cutting so you have to find an alternate grip. On the other hand, the A.G. Russell fits a wonderful niche for me -- when I don't have a lot a room and wouldn't normally carry a full-size kitchen knife (backpacking picnics, hotel rooms, etc.), the folder comes along instead.