Victorinox forum?

Sep 20, 2000
If Swiss Army knives are so popular, as evidenced by the postings of afficionadoes here, then why isn't there a Swiss Army or Victorinox forum under the Makers & Mfgrs. category?
I am not exactly sure cardimon, but I can guess. According to the policies Mike Turber has set for BFC, the principle factor in having a dedicated manufacturers forum is that an authorized representative of the company must serve as forum moderator. This may be akward or difficult with the two SAK companies. Anyway, having a factory rep as a moderator makes a lot of sense. That way discussion can be more based in fact, and less on rumor and innuendo.

They could be invited to join the forums jointly, one Rep from each company. That should work well given their 50/50 working relationships and ability to curb the junk look-a-likes.