victorinox magnifying glass

Jan 16, 2001
picked me up a nice little SAK... why is is that victorinox makes their magnifying glass frames out of plastic? it seems so silly because it really is flimsy and probably wears much faster than steel... whats up with that?
The plastic frames do never, ever wear off faster than metal!!!

I had an Explorer once, and i used the magnifyer often, in fact the scissors spring broke the first..

Of course here was some marks on the frame, but what can you expect after 8 years of hard duty!!

The knife was lost, not destroyed!!
Maybe you would consider the Wenger SAKs. Their magnifying glass is in a long metal blade (unsharp of course) with a small flat-tip screwdriver at the end.
I agree with Norwegian.

I don´t see why the magnifying glass should be bedded in steel. Are you going to cut something with the frame? If not, you don´t have a problem

I've had an Explorer with the plastic framed lens for a few years. The knife has seen some pretty hard use and the plastic frame of the lens shows no wear at all. After all, the lens isn't a hard use tool. It does come in handy for tick and splinter removal.

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