Victorinox paring knives

Oct 15, 2000
Yep, that's right - paring knives. About 5 years ago, I bought a couple of these at a gun/knife show to give to my mother. She's hell on a kitchen knife and I thought these would be worthwhile for her - $3.22 each now from the Knife Professional and about the same at the gun show years back.

They have a thin flexible stainless 3.25" blade which is housed in a polymer handle. The blades are factory shaving sharp and are easy to keep that way. They are extremely easy to clean and, even with my mom's abuse, stay rust free with minimal maintenance. Minimal is the key word there - she only washes them after use.

They cut and cut and cut. I've even used them for making small fillets, butterfly steaks, and some boning chores.

If you have a need for some great little paring blades, these may fit your bill. At $3.22 each, you can't really go wrong here.

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We use them for all around kitchen use. I just picked up a plain edge to use butchering deer. They make a great boning knife.

i have had a set of these since before they were imported into the united states on a regular parents brought me a set back from switzerland in 1981 or 1982 when i was in college and i have used them ever since.....i gave a set to a female friend about a year ago and the quality is still the same as my older ones.....they are a great value and can take alot of abuse with minimal upkeep.....i havent been able to destroy them in 19 or 20 years of use/abuse......feverdoc


I bought one a few weeks ago because they are so cheap.

They cut like a dream, though they do need a sharpen to keep them "hot through butter". They can be damaged if you try hard or force them through bone, but then you should use a larger beefier blade. Machine safe to boot.

For the money they are hard to beat. Think I'll go and buy a couple more. I like them that much.

Any thoughts on the rest of the range?
i have never used any of the other victorinox kitchen knives but i can tell you that the spyderco very large plain edge kitchen knife that looks like a japanese cleaver crossed with a chef's knife is one hell of a value and performs quite well.....feverdoc


I have about a dozen of them in my kitchen.I bought them for $2.50 each, about 15 years ago. You can't beat them for the money.

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They certainly glide right thru bagels and all kinds of fruits. My favorites are their utility models which are really medium size parers.

Hey, does anyone else notice their integral finger guards as a potential for a tactical kitchen backup piece?!

All of my kitchen knives are Victorinox also except one! In an episode of condescension for a neighbor's teenager, I sinned and purchased a "Cutco" chef's knife. It hasn't been bad but I prefer the Victorinox 8" chef's knife.

I have a bunch of the paring knives too. In fact, for wedding gifts I give Victorinox knives including the paring knife. Good choice!

Bruce Woodbury
I use Victorinox steak knives. They perform very well. All my other kitchen knives are Spyderco.

Dennis Bible

Where can I find these or other Victorinox kitchen knives? Most of my links to on-line knife dealers only sell the SAK's.
Very interesting tip. Thank you.

I only found paring, steak, and utility knives at KnifePro. I certainly can search myself, but wondered if you perhaps knew of source for larger kitchen knives?

Also, have been forgetting to buy a couple Mora knives. Have read rave reviews of them, and I figured mainly to use what I got in the kitchen. Has anyone else used both the Victorinox and Mora knives in kitchen enuff to compare them?


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Got a serrated and aplain one about a year ago for my folks. They work a treat but do need resharpening fairly often.


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