Victorinox Soldier whit KL 91 engraving

Nov 14, 2005
Hi to everybody, I live in Italy and recently I bought on ebay a Victorinox Soldier (my favourite EDC) with some difference respect the typical Soldier:
- It has a keyring
- it has not the typical red shield, but just an engraved cross (no shields at all)
- it has engraved on one handle "KL91", I think referred to the date of production
- the blade has not the date engraved at the bottom
Does anybody of you guys know what kind of SAK it is, if is it already in production and other amenities like that?
Thanks a lot for your help
Feb 7, 2005
It is a Victorinox soldier made for the Dutch Army, known amongst SAK collectors as the "DAK" (Dutch Army Knife). "KL" stands for "Royal Marines" in Dutch (or Royal Army, don't remember well) and the number next to it is the year of production.

They pop up in e-Bay quite often and some helpfull guys from the Netherlands have sent a couple to me, so I guess they are still in production. I think they are being replaced with a 111mm locking knife as the new DAK (I think it's a Victorinox Centurion).

Take a look at the guys there will help you out with any SAK questions (there are a coupe of long threads about DAKs).