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Victorinox Versus Wenger

Oct 16, 1999
It's the battle of the SAK's (!)

What do you think is better Victorinox or Wenger ??

Thank you in advance for your response,


To me, the only big difference is the scissors. I like Wenger's because they don't have the spring that can be lost/broken.


Gotta chime in on this one...

why did most of us get an SAK in the first place? probably not for the knife. I have owned many over the years, both Victorinox and Wenger, and for me it's always come down to the *scissors*! I go with the Wenger because its scissor's spring is better. The Wenger's spring is integral to the tool and has never failed me. The spring on the Victorinox is that horrible little "spring thing" that invariably gets bent to unusability, or as is usually the case, falls out and is lost.

All the other tools I have liked equally on both products. Most recently, I got a phillips screwdriver in place of the corkscrew (not much of a wine drinker).


Carried a Victorinox every day for the past 30 years. Don't know much about Wenger, maybe if they are still around in another 30 years when my knife wears out, I'll give them a look.


I carry a Victorinox, my daughter a Wenger. Neither of us would swap, so I guess both are pretty good:)
I've carried mine for many years with no problems at all - when (or if) it eventually needs replacing, I'll happily buy another. That's the important thing, isn't it?

I own both, and I much prefer the Victorinox. It seems better made, and the blade (which I manage to use several times a day) stays sharper longer, and is easier to resharpen.
I agree the Wenger has a much better pair of scissors. Although, I now carry the Micra. Now that's a pair of scissors.

I like Wenger, although Victorinox is a quality item. Wenger is more aggressive in their pricing. their knives, watches, etc. are almost always cheaper. Watch out Victorinox, remember Henry Ford. either way though I think they are both quality. the scissors issue, I do agree with though. Much better on the Wenger.

I'll have to kick with the Wengers. Again with the scissors, and in some of the mid-size models, I appreciate the locking main blade.

Besides, if you can talk like Beavis, it's more fun to say, "Wenger" than "Victorinox".

Try it. "Heh heh heh, he said, `Wenger'". See?

I've had a Victorinox for about 12 years now, but it's getting retired in favor of a Micra. Same reason as posted above -- the vastly superior scissors.

By the way, I briefly had a Kutmaster Minimaster, and those scissors are terrible.
Something that I haven't seen mentioned yet, but I definitely consider an issue, given the primary importance of the tools on a SAK over the blades: the Wengers have a mechanism that locks the screwdriver tool in place when it's under pressure and if you've ever had one close while you're using it, you can appreciate this feature. Although it's usually not a life-threatening situation
it can be damn annoying. This combined with the superior spring design on the scissors and pliers causes me to give my vote in favor of the Wengers.


P.S: The blades on the Victorinox's are sharper out of the box in my experience, but hey, that's what sharpening stones are for

I have only owned Vics (my favs are the Champion and the Explorer -- oh and the Midnight Messenger) but I am impressed with Wenger's wider variety of tools. I have seen one that has a t-10 torx driver. Pretty sweet for some of us professional nerds out there. Victorinox seems much more conventional.

Not too put them down, they are great tools. I think their corkscrews are the best available anywhere. And their can openers can't be topped. And those thin, flat-ground blades slice like nobody's business. Still, locking tools, non-rounded screwdrivers, and one-hand opening blades are the areas I think Victorinox should concentrate on.

Haven't seen the scissor difference as I haven't played with any Wengers that have them. I love the Victorinox scissors, but those springs are a pain in the a$$. The Micra gets all the shearing tasks now, anyways...


Anyone ever tried the wrench tool on the Wengers? I am curious as to how well that works. ???

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