Victorinox with ...


Aug 30, 2002
I'm looking for input on what 91mm-size Victorinox that has, at least:
- large blade
- small blade
- scissors
- as little else as possible

Of course, there will probably be at least one or two screwdriver implements, but the blades and the scissors seem to be what I would want to use the most. I currently have a "rambler", which is pretty good, but sometimes too small.

Any suggestions? My modest research might suggest a "compact" model, but maybe you folks who have more knowledge have other suggestions? The idea is to have the thinnest (i.e. lightweight) SAK with the blades and the scissors...

Thanks :)
The Compact lacks the small blade.

The Climber and Super Tinker are the thinnest 91mm models I can find with all the features you want.

Thanks Paul - I overlooked the fact that the compact doesn't have the small blade...
The Huntsman could be an option too, although the wood saw means an extra layer.

My EDC is the Super Tinker.I don't think you could go too awful wrong with one.It's slender and light enough that I some times forget that it's in my pocket,and answers the great majority of my everyday needs.