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Video Review: Long Pole #2 with Kelly Worden


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Oct 14, 1998
Hi folks, due to a shipping mishap, I got the Long Pole #2 just this week.

Alternate reviews for the Long Pole series are at MAVR and are available through Paladin Press and http://www.kellyworden.com
Long Pole #2 is the 8th tape in the Connecting the Systems Series and continues with the empty hand/weapons relationship in Long Pole #1. This time covering Anyos (forms) 1-3 and their applications, with every third form in the NSI curriculum being a 2 man set ala Gung Fu systems. The subtitled guides in this tape weren't that helpful, so here's my BD

The BD
Passing lines (A give and take drill)
Disrupt Power and Pass (A palasut clinic)
4 Count Sinawalli and Adhesion (Hands vs staff, hands)
Blocking (10 blocks)
10 Pt. Deflection Drill and Empty hand appls and targets
Anyos (Forms 1-3) and Application (Empty hand and staff)
Ending Monologue (Forms and training advice)

There is no intro but a continuation of Long Pole #1 as both tapes were filmed the same day. Passing lines is similar to the Bamboo drill in Arsenio Advincula's tapes or some of the single stick punyo drills in Pekiti Tirsia. Body shifting, angling, following, and passing are emphasized in this 4 count drill. Disrupt Power and Pass was a Palasut/Passing-Hooking clinic, that showed inside/outside, close/far, upper/lower passing with the staff and empty hands. 4 Count Sinawalli continues this section but adds more hand vs staff, with the addition of guntings, flower blocks (similar to a inside kwan sao in Wing Chun), and silat entries and ground fighting (maintaining the top position).

Blocking was a universal clinic on blocks with what you'd see more in the Hanbo/Bojutsu and stance work ala Wing Chun and Fut Ga Kung Fu. Ten blocks are shown but in typical conceptual style, don't take them so literally in application. The 10 Pt. Deflection Drill and Empty hand appls was pretty straightforward JKD, I felt a beginner might get lost with targeting points but YMMV. Anyos takes 40 min. of the tape, each Anyo is fairly short and Worden does the reverse of many forms tapes. He goes slow speed first, then fast the next two times; so slow/fast/fast before going to empty hand work. Anyo 1 had a gung fu and dumog 'flavor of throwing where Anyo 2 had more circular Tai Chi type moves. In Anyo 2, Worden faces the viewer and shows hand applications sans a partner before going back to staff. There is a moment of shopping mall piano music, so ignore that and the tape won't seem too long.

Anyo 3, the 2 man set took the biggest chunk of time and rightfully so as it was the longest form on the tape. Weapon pinning, kicking in staff fighting, following are added to the blocking, passing, striking, Center press, and footwork skills (11+ skills). This set had more of a gung fu and pugil stick flavor, high energy and fast movement in and out. Worden covers this form a little more than the others aka more replay, so slow/fast/fast/slow/slow but his review efforts are almost defeated by video effects that turn the screen red. Like in Comtech Knifecraft 3's palasut drills, one partner will determine who plays the defensive/offensive 'roles in these drills and each drill and 2 man set can be done in matching or opposing grips. The Ending Monologue is pretty much the same advice regarding forms in Renegade JKD/Ultimate Streetfighter.

Production quality was the same but a little better with less bothersome effects. Just as in Long Pole #1, intermediate and advanced students will benefit the most and the student will have to play a lot with various sized staffs in every grip and have their basics down. There is something for everyone in this tape but not much in cane application or angling footwork. There is a little bit more flash in the forms but nothing too flowery. I'm a bit conservative with the staff but I did like the fact kicking was addressed. I'm not into learning more forms but will try to play with the moves as times goes on.

I would like to add two other P.O.V.'s about the series. One friend thought that Worden's line of thinking was the same as the karate masters of old in regards to empty hands. Another friend thought, Worden and his tapes were too simplistic towards FMA, which I don't find necessarily a bad thing. This being the 3rd series I've seenfrom Kelly Worden, I'm more interested in his knife work and silat more than anything else. Overall, an interesting tape but more for the staff fighting and JKD crowd. It goes well with JAK's Drawpoint and Knifecraft, Ron Balicki's Defensive Edge Series, Worden's Ultimate Streetfighter/Renegade JKD, and Latosa Escrima Long Sticks with a little a bit of Inosanto Series 1.

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