Vietnam pattern Tomahawk

Jul 17, 1999
I'm interested in finding a good quality copy of the Vietnam era tomahawk. As a Viet vet, I would really like one for my collection. Will you be offering such a hawk? I seem to recall someone marketing a Vietnam pattern hawk in the past, but can't remember who. Any help will be appreciated.

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This is a good subject to raise at this time, as we are working out the production processes for 3, count'em!!! - 3 versions of the Original Vietnam Tomahawk....possibly one or two more, totaling 4 or 5!!!

Let me begin by stating that there are dozens of reproductions out there......most made in Taiwan, a few made domestically, some on a custom basis, but all lacking the involvement and approval of one man, the original designer of the Vietnam Tomahawk and first owner of the American Tomahawk Company, Peter LaGana.

If nothing else, I give credit to all of those companies who repro'd the Hawk over the past thirty years, as they kept the design alive in the eyes and hearts of the people who constitute our industry.

As for the answer to your question, I won't unload the whole offering now, as we want it to be a surprise!!! Suffice it to say that there will be a combat/utility grade Vietnam Hawk, a collector grade Vietnam Hawk, and a presentation grade Vietnam Hawk...all approved by Peter LaGana, and all accompanied by certificate of authenticity, with his signature, period.

Pricing and availability of all the grades will be published in approximately two to three weeks from now.

As with all ATC's Hawks, they will be made entirely in the United States of America and proceeds from your purchase will benefit Peter LaGana and his family directly.

In the interim, our Rogers' Rangers Series works along the same lines. It gives tribute to a historical event, as well as a significant personality, Maj. Robert Rogers. A part of your purchase also benefits the Best Ranger Contest each year we are sponsors!!! We will be there this April for the contest.

Thanks for this question and expect a building experience of anticipation, excitement, and fun, as we unveil the Peter LaGana Signature, Vietnam Tomahawk Series....guaranteed to make you smile, support a legend, and add something valuable to your collection of bladeware, whether you are a user or a collector!

Andy Prisco,
Co-Founder, Manager
American Tomahawk Company