Village khukuri at 50 RC tested.

Feb 1, 2001
I just got the little 13 inch village khuk yesterday and tested her out. Uncle Bill told me the blade was a little soft, around 50rc. I double checked and my file(the tip of a CR sebenza @ 62-64rc)did scratch the blade. It is a little soft but not bad! The Sebenza's tip just slides over the blade on most other khuks. I first used the little khuk to do some basic chopping. I chopped 6 2x4's in half and chopped on a dried cottenwood log for a while.I also slamed the tip deep into the wood and pryed it out sideways several times and the tip did not bend either way at all! I then used it to cut up a water meeter cover that I had laying around. It was made of a very hard plastic like PVC but hsrder. Total chopping time was 45 min and to my amazment it could still "scrape" hair off my arm!:eek: I then tried something I've never done befor. I found a few small rocks about the sise of golfballs and put them on the sement patio out back. I went ahead and slamed the back of the blade down on the rocks breaking them in half!! To my suprise again there was little damage only some impaction that you could feel with your fingnails. After I was done with that I went to my work bench and put the blade in my vise. I pulled as hard as I could to flex the blade and did manage to flex it a few degrees. I did this to see how solid the handel is when some cross preasure is applied,it passed with no problem!:) I then cleaned her up (I did stab her in the dirt and mud a few times too)and resharpened her. After these "scientific" tests were done I am sure this little khuk is up to to any task! :) It's funny, although the blade is a little soft it seams to hold an edge well and the edge did not impact of fold at all!:confused: Steel never ceases to amaze me!:)
Plaese forgive my gramer/spelling. I can't get my spell check to work and I'm to lazy to go find a dictionary! :p
Thanks for good report from the field, Chris. Maybe I estimated a little low but I would rather be safe than sorry.
Uncle Bill it's a very solid knife! I love it and at $35.00 It's a very good deal. The chiruwa villager is very nice also! I havent had the chance to test her out yet though.
Almost all the village models perform just like the one you tested but every now and then we'll get in a clunker that some kami slipped in with a bunch of good ones. I was a bit concerned about how the edge was going to hold up on that one you got last but I guess I worried for nothing.

You could also wack the side of the blade against a solid piece of wood to check the tang and handle adhesion too. The vibration this generates can be hard on epoxies. Sounds like you got a winner.

Good advice, Will. After the test Chris put the knife thru I don't think he will have any serious problems with it. Good job of testing.