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Village khukuri from HI

No change as of yet Will. But I have only lightly stressed it. In terms of actual lateral strain about the most stress it has seen is splitting heavily knotted 2x10.

I started off twist splitting the wood by chopping into it with the villager and then holding the wood with one hand and pressing to the side on the handle of the khukuri. However there were some bits of wood that were too difficult to do this with (I could not resist the twisting strain with my hand). So I was forced to lay the wood down on the picnic table seat and walk on it. Then with my foot holding it in place I again twisted the khukuri to split the wood.

I would estimate the amount of force this was taking was only about 125-150 lbs, however only the edge was taking the strain. I will go over double this later on and see if the fold line gives. I don't think it will though as its in the strongest part of the blade. Time will tell.


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Cliff, I'm guessing that if 125 to 150 lbs didn't do it that blade may be there to stay. Unless the lines go deep we should not have a problem.

We will be waiting for more severe testing and, of course, looking foward to the results.


Uncle Bill