Village Kuks

Apr 6, 2001
Hey guys, I am wondering what you guys think of the HI village kuks? I want a AK maybe 15", but am thinking about holding off until something grows back that I can chop on. I sort of killed everything around here with my 20" Kobra I just bought. I figure that if I buy a village kuk I will have something to work on and refinish while things rise from the dead around here. What do yall think??
That's a good idea Dave. The only problem is that the village kamis pretty up the khukuris that they sell to BirGorkha. Not quite HI magic stone mirror, but they look close to some of the old Shop 1 blades. I guess you'd have to ask Uncle Bill for an ugly knife.
Wow! Uncle bill really does underwrite those village kuks then.I thought they would have more imperfections by what they sound like. Maybe I should just save up for the AK.
I have a large village model that came to me about 1 1/2 years ago now, I guess. It is strong and pretty. The only refinishing I did was on the accessories as they had not been polished at all.

Very fine item. Much foliage died *LL*
They do make UGLY ones, I think I may have the most**** ugly one Uncle has EVER seen(He just naturally thinks of me when he gets one of these)! I like them!Of course I "DO"have a slight fondness for K's!