villagers vs. other HI

Dec 6, 2004
New here - though I've poked around on the HI website a few times.

Looking for a good all-round khuk as a user, rather than as primarily something to admire. Though good looks wouldn't be amiss too!

I'm thinking about buying a villager 16 1/2 inch WWII. My question though, is whether there would be a difference in the quality of tempering etc. in the knife compared with one of HI's standard offerings, or if the differences really are in terms of fit and finish.

Looking at the axes and hatchets I own ... I'm not sure that a terrifically pretty and unscathed knife would stay that way very long.

Thanks in advance,

Tom Fetter.
As far as a user the villagers are not as polished so you won't mess one up as bad. Also since the handles are unfinished and the price is right you can sand the handle down till it is to your liking without worrying too much.

With regard to tempering I may be an exception, but I have had several regular HI's either roll or get dull kind of quick but NEVER a villager. It almost makes me wonder if the extra polishing had heated up the blade on the others I have.

I'd highly reccomend them!
Welcome, Tom:)

In answer to your question, no. there is no difference in tempering or blade quality. The only difference between the two is that the villager is brush finished and the standard HIs have a mirror polish. The handles on villagers are also not as highly polished as the standard models. However, my advice to you is to just keep you eyes open around 11a.m. to 1p.m. central time for Uncle Bills Deals of the Day. He sells "blems" usually around this time (not every day, but often). Blems are great values. They are standard models with a bit of rust of a little tiny crack in the handle. about 70% of the time, when i order a blem i can't even find the flaw! If its rust, just polish it off. if its a tiny handle crack, then ask for some help here on the forums. we've all fixed a handle or two and would be happy to help:)
I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for villager models, though. My first khuk was a Kumar 15" villager. It's still a favorite:)

Once again, welcome to the Cantina!
You'll use a Villager more, IMO, because you won't care about minor damage, rust, etc. Think heavy duty garden tool.. . which it sounds like you need. I can't (yet) restore an HI mirror finish, but it's easy to sand problems off a Villager. Once you get a "who cares if I mess this one up" attitude, the khuk is really ready to go off-roading... cinder block smashing, oil drum cutting, etc. Fun.

I absolutely love the villagers and have seceral of them. Out of about the 10 I've bought only one had a somewhat softer edge than the others and it is still in the realm of acceptibility!
I gave it away to a brother who uses his tool's hard and have heard no complaints about any edge failure as yet!!!:D
Joe built his and Kathie's wedding arbor with it and I'm sure if there had been any problems I would've heard about it then.
TomFetter said:
Thanks folks - that's exactly what I wanted to hear.

Tom if you can score one of Sgt Karka's village models I believe I can say that you will be poopin in tall cotton and wipin on the top leaves!!!!:eek: :D
The good Sergeant's khukuris all have the old time convexed edge, dayumed little or no cho creep, and no so-called habaki bolsters. In other words they are made like most of the khuks in Nepal except they are superior First Class Khukuris!!!!

For an example of one my last purchase is the second from left in the pic in this thread.

I bragged it up amply here.:D

The HI Villager's are also my favorites and what I have the most of in the village models. Unfortuantely all I have is a couple of the good Sergeant's knives, and I treasure those!!!!:cool:

A guy asks a simple question ... and within an hour, about 4 knives come up that would be ideal. Gotta check the Christmas account, but this looks VERY good.

TomFetter said:

A guy asks a simple question ... and within an hour, about 4 knives come up that would be ideal. Gotta check the Christmas account, but this looks VERY good.

Better hurry! These things don't last. At all.
sent an e-mail on the 17 inch WWII by Kumar ... we'll see if I got there in time.

If so, any advice on how to break it to my wife that I've bought my own Christmas present. And one she might not particularly admire ...

Tell her you found it at the bottom of the Corn Flakes box. :)

First write "Free Inside" and paste a picture of a khukuri on the box.