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Virtual real estate for sold for record price!

Mar 26, 2002
$179,000 for 3 "Virtual Malls?" Gotta get my "Virtual Broker's License!"

Just saw this real estate deal -- maybe we should call it "ureal estate deal."

I am boggled.



To me this has far-reaching and disturbing ramifications. Why interact with the "real" world when you can go into hyperspace and do greater things? Be anything or anybody you want? Do anything you want?
I've heard of this thing once before and to me it sounds like gambeling. The whole game aspect is just glorified pretty pictures on a slot machine. You've got to admit though whoever came up with this is a pretty slick entrepreneur, people pay real money for a fake product. Anyone want to buy the Brooklyn bridge*

*Bridge may or may not be real
Wheee, this shows people would be willing to buy sand while being in the middle of Sahara, provided it is advertised and hyped enough :barf:
Afraid I don't value the intangibles of cyberspace enough to pay THAT much for any of it.

As for the disturbing ramifications, imagine all the time people spend in the virtual world when their actual life is on hold... but let's face it, some of us don't have the most rewarding existences to begin with, sadly! :-(

Well, back to my harem of real-world ladies... heheh!
It shows just how stupid people can be, and these are the same folks who run our governments and our lives. If people buy into this, its no wonder that they believe that gun control works.