Virus Alert

Thanks very much for the heads up. :) :) Wouldn't you just love to get ahold of one of these buttwipes?? :mad:
I don't know if it's hit the HI forum community but a bunch of Bladeforums members have received it already. I think a lot of the HI crowd don't know much about computers and I think a lot don't go to other forums at this website, so I figured I'd better post a link here....

I've posted some more about this virus and about viruses in general in the thread linked to above -- it's a good idea to read that thread again if you're one of those guys who don't know a lot about computers. (I am not mentioning any names here -- you know who you are.) :)

One thing I want to emphasize is this and other viruses that spread by email usually come from people you know. When a virus infects a computer the first thing it usually does is send itself to everybody in the address book. People you know have your address in their address books. A lot of people seem to think they're safe if they just don't run attachments unless they know the person who sent it to them -- NO!

Run an antivirus program (I use Mcafee but there are others) and update it frequently and if you run any Microsoft software check their website for critical updates frequently.

This particular virus seems to be more embarrassing than harmful, but they aren't all that benign....
Thanks Cougar,

I actually got two of them this morning. I don't know if it came from a Bladeforums person, or any of the other folks that have my e-mail addy. I'm assuming that it sends itself off to those in your address book like the others...

Fortunately, I'm a Mac person :D I haven't had a virus problem yet (knocking on my hea... I mean wood), but I've seen ones like this shut down an entire university (remember the infamous "I Love You").

Just remember everyone, if an e-mail contains an attachment that isn't a .jpg or .gif, don't open it unless you were expecting it, especially if you don't know the sender. Even IF you know the sender, you might want to check with them before opening the file.


Before I get you too scared, though, let me explain a little more. Viruses mail themselves with a generic message like "Take a look at this file!" If you get email from a friend that's a personal message that only your friend would have written, if it mentions mutual interests like knives, anything a virus wouldn't know, a virus couldn't have sent that.

Whenever I send a program file in email I always write a message with it that's identifiably from me and not the kind of generic cover email that a virus could send.
This is from mail sent via my mother from her office's Resident Computer Tech Specialist (pronounced Computer Geek)
I saw Cougar's post and thought I should help with a few more details.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Please be aware of the following warning of malicious code being circulated through e-mail: W32.Sircam.Worm@mm


Large scale e-mailing: The worm embed random documents from the infected PC to itself
Deletes files: 1 in 20 chance of deleting all files and directories on C:. Only occurs on systems using D/M/Y as the date format
Degrades performance: 1 in 33 chance of filling all remaining space on the hard disk by adding text to the file c:\recycled\sircam.sys at each startup
Releases confidential info: It will export a random document from the hard drive by appending it to the body of the worm
This worm arrives as an email message with the following content:

Subject: The subject of the email will be random, and will be the same as the file name of the attachment in the email.
Message: The message body will be semi-random, but will always contain one of the following two lines (either English or Spanish) as the first and last sentences of the message.

Spanish Version:
First line: Hola como estas ?
Last line: Nos vemos pronto, gracias.

English Version:
First line: Hi! How are you?
Last line: See you later. Thanks

Between these two sentences, some of the following text may appear:

Spanish Version:
Te mando este archivo para que me des tu punto de vista
Espero me puedas ayudar con el archivo que te mando
Espero te guste este archivo que te mando
Este es el archivo con la informaci=n que me pediste

English Version:
I send you this file in order to have your advice
I hope you can help me with this file that I send
I hope you like the file that I sendo you
This is the file with the information that you ask for

The file names under which this threat have been submitted are:

Tech Specs and
As always, if you are concerned that you may have a virus, worm or other piece of malicious code on your computer, please call MIS immediately so that we may determine what you have (if anything) and promptly take any action necessary.

Michael E. Ferguson
Manager, Information Systems
"First, your place, and then the world's"
Berman Wolfe Rennert Vogel & Mandler, P.A.
100 SE 2nd., Street, Suite 3500
Miami, Fl., 33131
Direct Line: 305.423.3408
Fax: 305.423.3557
You're right about a couple of things for sure, Cougar. A lot of us don't know anything about computers and we don't venture very far from this forum. We are sort of cloistered.

So, thanks for help and info from the outside world.