VISION this .......

Nov 16, 1998

Bead Blasted / Matte Finish Titanium Handle Slabs
Partially Serrated ATS-34 modified Tanto Blade which I like much so, gives me the best of both worlds!
Blade is 0.11" thick stock
Traction on back of blade to prevent thumb slippage,
Polished Stainless Steel Double Liners,
Double Thumb Studs with grooves,
Titanium cutout pocket clip, can be attached to front or back of handle,
Black Zytel back spacer with a stainless steel sleeve going through for a lanyard hole,
Large Polished Stainless Steel Torx Pivot Screw,
4 small Torx assembly screws,
3 Phillip Head pocket clip attaching screws,
Thumb Stud and Arc Lock have Regular Flat Head Screw for assembly.

Arc Lock Locks up bank vault tight!
Edges are all smoothed for comfort.
Blade comes razor sharp out of the box.
Hollow Ground Blade except is Flat Ground towards the Tanto Tip. Sharpened on both sides of the blade!

The weight feels good, feels as though the knife should be larger than what it is.

Comparing the Arc Lock to the Axis Lock, the Arc Lock seems tighter giving me an even more secure feeling of a lock up! "You may want to add a little Tuf-Glide to the pivot area and a dab of RemOil to the Arc Lock for easier operation if so desired .... I myself prefer the operation the way it is!"

When you are holding the SOG Vision #68, it sort of feels like you are holding a Spyderco Stainless Steel Clip-it because of it's feel of smoothness which comes from the polished stainless steel liners and it's weight! This I find real pleasing!

Pocket clip is attached in a position which leaves about an inch of the knife's handle exposed when clipped in the pocket .... this allows for fast deployement! There are pre-drilled holes on the front side of the knife's handle for relocating the pocket clip to the other side.

The double thumb studs are positioned in the right spot for smooth one hand opening.

There is a stop pin for the opened position and the Arc Lock Cam works as a stop for the blade in the closed postion.

Overall I feel the titanium version Vision with the Arc Lock is an excellent made production knife. The only thing I would change on this particular model is the location of the pocket clip. I would rather see it located at the edge of the handle more so for deep pocket carry and also located at the pivot end of the knife for tip down carry. Fast deployement is not my concern rather than more concealment is! This though is just my preference, may not be yours!

I would like to see SOG also produce this knife in a larger version. About an inch or so more to the blade's length and an inch or so more to the handles's length. I just am accustomed to a little larger of a knife. I would definetly keep this size Vision though, it is a more popular size and carry's well in suit or dressier occasions as well as every day use.

The SOG Vision #68 with the Arc Lock is a keeper! The Arc Lock is amazing and gives the user complete confidence in it's lock up. I've been partial to Integral style locks for the tight locking and secure feeling it gives, but the Arc Lock I feel just as confident in if not more so! At least the wear isn't as pronounced as a Integral or Liner Lock would eventually see.


For more reviews and details with pics of the Arc Lock, check out this link: ARC LOCK PICS

By the way, this Vision did pass the FREE HANGING TOILET PAPER TEST

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Damn you Mark! Now I have to start saving up for one! What a Vision of lovliness!

I hope tonight I dream that I am buying one and that Carmen Electra in a bikini is the sales girl.

"What does Carmen Electra have to do with the SOG Vision?", you ask. Who cares? It's my dream.

Carmen Electra? Man, sorry SOG, but I would have to take her over the Vision!

Maybe Full Tang Clan you'll get a package deal, both for the price of one!

Sergiusz Mitin, it was your thread that made my decision to purchase the Vision! Very nice pics of the Arc Lock you have there!

chief dignitary ... you can't go wrong!

Yep. I think I'm going to bypass the REKAT Carnivour, in favor of the SOG Vision with ti-handles. Actually, it's down to a SOG Vision, and a M.O.D. Trident. Hopefully, in the fall.

I wish the Vision came with a straight edge only model however.

I'm crazy about that mean looking blade. I usually don't go for tantos but I think it's an injustice to call it a "tanto" blade.

As Lynn Thompson at Cold Steel points out, most so-called tanto-blades are bastardized versions of the Japanese samurai daggers.

The Vision's blade looks totally unique.

How's the "action" of the blade when opening or closing? Is it pretty darn smooth?

I have the BM 710 Axis. How does the opening/closing compare to it?

The action opening and closing is very smooth on the Titanium Handle Vision! The Arc Lock is very smooth as well. When that Arc Lock pops in place, you know with out a doubt that blade is securely locked tight! I have yet to find any flaws with the operation of this bad boy ... man, this knife feels so good to hold, it's hard to put down! It's also hard for me to realize that this is a production knife, the quality just is too darn gone good! WELL worth the retail asking price even though I got mine at a wholesale price.

Note that this is my feelings regarding the Titanium Handle Vision, I'm quite confident that the G-10 and Zytel Visions are just as nice too, but again that's just my guess to those!

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Wow mark, you did a neat job with this review. Glad you told me about this review, even though you convinced me to get this knife before hand

Glad you did too!