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Vixtorinox or Wenger?

Sep 20, 2000
I've got an itch to buy another Swiss Army knife. I was inclined toward the Victorinox CyberTool, since I work as a Web programmer and use a computer every day. Then I heard about the Wenger "Computer Wiz." I found an image of one, but it just doesn't look as cool as the CyberTool. I'm still leaning heavily toward the CyberTool, but does anyone have a opinion on the Wenger line of Swiss Army knives?
I own about 5 Wengers, compared to a whole thundering herd of Victorinoxes.

I prefer the look and feel of Victorinox, but Wenger also makes a very good knife, just not quite as good as Vic.

One thing I notice on the standard Wenger models is the protuberance holding the key ring is a bit too priminent, and may cause more pocket wear than the equivalent Victorinox models.

The standard-sized Wenger models are about 1/4" shorter than the standard V-nox. V-nox's can opener is superior, and the large knife blades seem a bit sturdier than on the Wengers. Both Wenger and V-nox's blades take a good edge and cut very well. V-nox has better finish on their blades. The V-nox scissors might have a weaker spring, but are better at precise cutting than Wenger's. And generally V-nox knives walk and talk (snap open and shut) stronger than Wenger.

I like some Wenger models (I've been looking for their version of the Soldier because it has a bale loop not present on the V-nox version I own). However, I consider myself a Victorinox man.
Thanks, James Y. What you say basically mirrors things I've read elsewhere. By the way, do you have any opinions on the Victorinox CyberTool?
I think James put it really well. I carry one of the larger Wengers because it has exactly the right tools I need. However, the other day I was opening a can of snacks in the woods and I was wishing I had the Vic can opener.


I get some pleasure from finding a relentlessly peaceful use for a combative looking knife.
Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the Cybertool as I haven't handled one. However, in my opinion, I'm sure you couldn't go wrong with it, for one because it's a Victorinox.
Although I have seen the Cybertool in a knife shop before. I have not seen the Wenger Computer Whiz, so I cannot make a comparison, and in general Victorinox knives are easier to find in stores. Your best bet may be to go to a specialty cutlery shop and see if you can handle a Cybertool. Hopefully someone who owns one will respond better for you here.
I have both.

One of my first knives ever was a Vnox, and I carry a Vnox Swiss Tool religiously.

Though, one of my favorites is the Wegner Cadet/Soldier??? I like the aluminum handles and the bail.

So, I don't think you would go wrong with either, but, it seems most are more familiar with Vnox, and that has certainly been my experience.

Thank you,
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